Lookout Review

Excuse me? What just happened? It’s ridiculous how this drama was so good until the last two episodes. And somehow, I felt like I was the only one who liked this drama anyway – never really understood why some other people didn’t like it either. And since I do have a lot of praises and criticisms, I anticipate a lot of spoilers.

I mentioned before that I loved the characters because everyone wasn’t who they seemed to be, namely Kim Young Kwang’s character, Do Han (I know that’s not his real name, but for simplicity sake, let’s just use it). Throughout the whole drama, it was just so amazing to see Kim Young Kwang play a duel agent. His facial expressions are just amazing, especially how he can change from one face to another within a second. I thought it was pretty expected that he was the leader of the Guardian group, but I totally did not expect his background story and his switched identity with his step brother. It’s just so sad how Do Han lived feeling tortured his whole life and still ended up dying when he finally achieved justice. Like Suji said, “why would you live such a difficult and intense life if you were just going to die like that?” So. Frustrating.

And with that, I’ll dive into the ending. I expected the main characters to achieve justice in the end, but I totally did not expect to see a death involved. I honestly blame everything on Soon Ae, the other policewoman. Like, how can you be so dumb and not have a backup plan? Because she honestly could have avoided the whole situation if they set something up to out-trick Shi Wan. He’s a high school kid, you’re an adult, you can do so much better than he can. And even then, I felt like things weren’t wrapped up properly. What even happened to Shi Wan? Did he die? Did he face consequences? Put in a mental hospital? Did I miss something while I was watching the ending? Because I totally was not paying attention after I saw Shi Wan and Do Han falling off the building. I didn’t feel like there was a sense of closure whatsoever and showing things that happened one year later didn’t fly with me.

So going back to Shi Wan, I never really understood his actions. Towards the ending, I understood that he was trying to avenge for his father, but what was his reason for hurting Yuna?? Was it just a coincidence that Yuna was Suji’s daughter or was it totally intentional? He was so creepy, but such a good actor. Not even to mention, Se Won, the policewoman’s daughter was so dumb to even believe Shi Wan’s words in the first place. Speaking of characters that annoyed me, there’s also Prosecutor Park. I hated how his actions totally gave away the Guardian group since it didn’t really do anything besides make the story more complicated. Even his later actions to take the “blame” for Do Han and to give the Father/Suji the phone didn’t redeem him / make him any more likeable.

But I do like that the plot was based off of each of the Guardian’s stories. It was a nice way to make everyone an important character in the drama. I thought it was so sad how Bomi was so paranoid to the point she never left her house until Suji came and needed saving. Honestly, my favorite scene was probably that part where Do Han comes to save Suji when she gets shot by the Detective Nam (side note: the same thing happens in the end, but the show seemed to forget that Suji was shot and she still had so much energy to walk around and fight people, which I honestly don’t understand). And I like that scene not because Suji finds out that Do Han’s actually their leader and a good guy, but because it shows how much Do Han cared about her. Though, I’m not exactly sure if he actually cared or pitied her or that he felt bad because he let Yuna’s death happen.

4/5 – It’s a pity that they killed Do Han off by saving Suji and falling off a building, but the most frustrating thing was probably the lack of closure for the plot.


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