Fight My Way Review

First and foremost, I’ve always talked about how much I loved this drama because it is so realistic and hits my heart in the right places. I have to admit that I came into this drama thinking that it was just going to be a romcom – romance focused drama, but there was so much more than that. I really liked that it was about individuals in their late 20’s still trying to pursue their dreams because there is no such thing as too late or too old to do what you like to do. The thing is, I feel like Choi Ae Ra and Ko Dong Man are both talented, but just set back because of circumstances.

I honestly think that Ko Dong Man was right when he asked Ae Ra if her dream was really to be an announcer or simply just to be behind the mic. Because there are other careers that involve being behind the mic and Ae Ra just felt like an announcer was an A-list job. And throughout the drama, we see that she’s great at controlling the crowd – something that we probably can’t even imagine Hye Ran doing. I really like Ae Ra as a character because of how bold she is. She’s not afraid of fighting for what she thinks is right and standing up for her beliefs. She’s fierce even though it’s Dong Man who is the fighter here.

But in reality, Dong Man is a softie at heart and has been since a little kid. I truly think that Dong Man is talented and it was such a pity that his opponent pulled dirty tricks to become famous. In the end, though, I feel like the drama is still trying to tell us that no matter how much money your opponent throws in, it’s talent that shines through. I also love that he defends Ae Ra in every way possible, though it bothered me that he’s so straightforward with everything. I mean, it’s great since they won’t have any communication problems in their relationship but it’s just so new compared to what we usually see in dramas. Talk about which, Ae Ra and Dong Man’s relationship is goals. I feel like Dong Man has always liked Ae Ra and he just never really understood it until they started dating.

Joo Man and Seol Hee’s relationship was something that we really haven’t seen too often in kdrama land. Usually, we see individuals who meet and fall in love, but what about those who have been dating for a while? Seol Hee is such a kind girl but sometimes, it just frustrated me how she wouldn’t fight for herself. What’s wrong with telling her coworkers that she’s dating Joo Man? I sometimes wished that Seol Hee would learn a little from Ae Ra, who would make a big fuss about everything if things didn’t go her way. I also didn’t understand Joo Man and why he wouldn’t disclose the information and dragged it on for 10 episodes. Seol Hee does everything for him and he never appreciated it until he realized what he’s lost. I did feel bad for Joo Man because he wants the best for Seol Hee. Their ideals in where they want to take their relationship clashes – Seol Hee thinks that she’ll be happy with just him, but Joo Man is more materialistic than that. I’m pretty glad that they broke up for a while because during that time, it really showed how much each other them meant to each other. Sometimes distance is what makes the relationship sweeter.

This drama is more character focused than plot focused, so I never really felt like the plot drove the drama forward. I really looked forward to this drama because of the romance, but after Ae Ra and Dong Man were dating, it wasn’t as interesting anymore. It seems like the drama writers know that too, which is why they tried to fit so many different plot lines into the latter half of the drama. The first half was mainly focused on setting the main characters on their quest to find their dreams. And honestly, I have to praise this drama for having our characters do something that isn’t so typical in this kdrama world, like a job like pest exterminator. I also loved that we focused so much on the theme of going with the flow in life because it’ll take you wherever you belong. We also had multiple love lines where Moo Bin, Hye Ran, and Kyung Koo came between our main couple’s love lines, which I thought was pretty unnecessary but they all followed that theme of feeling inferior to our main characters. I’m actually pretty glad that Hye Ran and Kyung Koo turned out to be better people than we had expected.

4/5 – The Fantastic Four are friendship goals af.


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