July in Review

July flies by so quickly, doesn’t it? I know I’ve had so many ups and down; from depression to the best laughs ever. I’m pretty upset that all the good dramas have ended and I’m honestly not really looking forward to anything new. I don’t find it as exciting at all.

First, Fight My Way ended. Although I really liked Fight My Way, I can’t imagine myself ever going back and rewatching any episodes. Nor did I have any drama withdrawal symptoms after watching. I really liked the romance and the theme of this drama. A big chunk of this drama talks about fulfilling our dreams and as a person who doesn’t really have any dreams, I kind of envy those that do. But in the end, I really appreciated that anyone can relate to the inner doings of life and friendships and this drama gives off great inspiration to those who need it. Would definitely recommend.

On the same day that Fight My Way ended, Lookout also ended. I was super disappointed in how it ended. I honestly don’t understand because the whole drama was so strong and the actors/actresses were just so amazing. I mean, even though I don’t like that Do Han died in the end, I can accept it because it was pretty fitting how he was so hung up with being responsible for Yuna death and he died the same way. The only thing I cannot accept is that there is no sense of closure whatsoever. We don’t know what even happened to all the characters after the rooftop scene. I would rather much see consequences being paid off as the ending than seeing what’s happening a year later. I don’t understand how the writers can just think that showing the future can be called an ending. On a side note, I can’t believe that Lee Si Young was pregnant while filming this drama. I mean, look at all those intense fighting scenes!

Next we have Suspicious Partner, which caught me by surprise because I never expected it to end so early (even though it was 40 episodes). I didn’t think this drama was that good, compared to FMW or Lookout. There was a good plot but I felt like the characters were lacking a little something. I guess it’s just that the drama is so plot based that the characters feel quite weak. To be clear, I’m talking about the drama character, not the actors or actresses themselves. Although I didn’t really like Nam Ji Hyun acting and that Ji Chang Wook had no fighting scenes at all, I guess it was a okay drama overall.

And the best one of them all, The Best Hit. I’m still having some drama withdrawal symptoms from this and I’m so sure that I will go back and rewatch some episodes, especially since I skipped around the first 10 in order to be up to date. This drama had the best characters, best heartfelt moments, best plot line to discuss the ins and outs of life. To be real here, the first half of this drama is spectacular in terms of humor and character development, while the second half focuses a lot on the love line, character development, and gets ready for the grande finale. A definite recommend from me.


Are you still wondering about what happened with Duel? I dropped it because I thought recaps were too confusing to keep up with. Duel is the type of drama that is good when you watch it but now that I’m so behind on the drama, I don’t have the desire to watch it anymore.

And the same with Bride of Water God. I thought the drama was, and excuse me when I say this, but it felt a little stupid. I also didn’t feel the urge to watch this drama either – probably because I was going through some sort of drama depression from all the good dramas that ended. If you’re watching this drama and love it, I respect your decision but I just couldn’t do it. Sure, this drama is really funny/entertaining and I’ve seen so many memes of it but it just isn’t for me.

So moving onto dramas that I am actually watching, first we have School 2017. As I said in my first impressions, I felt like School 2017 isn’t anything new. We’ve seen all of those themes before in the previous two seasons. Whenever I watch this drama, I also want to rewatch School 2013, just for the bromance and the heartfelt friendship parts. I just have a feeling that School 2017 will be similar to 2013 in that a big part of the drama is focused on school problems and friendship. I am really looking forward to watching this drama every week – hopefully it won’t let me down.

I also started Reunited Worlds, which is just alright in my opinion. I don’t think it’s super captivating since there’s no real mystery to it. I just watch for the sake of having something to watch, but hopefully it’ll be more interesting as time passes.

I’m also looking forward to Criminal Minds but I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet.

I’ve probably said this a million times now, but I used to watch variety shows all the time. It was basically my life until I turned to dramas. I’m so happy that SMTM is back with a new season. I already love it since I feel like it’s the strongest season yet. There are so many rappers on the show that I’ve heard of and so many good and new rappers that are so worth looking forward to.

Kpop Highlights of the Month:
AKMU – Dinosaur
KARD – Hola Hola
Jessi – Gucci
Fanxy Child – Paradise


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