First Impressions: Reunited Worlds

Yeo Jin Goo? Is this a continuation of Circle? Just kidding – I’m still a little obsessed with Circle as you can see. It’s just that I see so many similarities between the two dramas. Starting from the same male lead, dying by car accident, waking up in another time period still looking the same, having super powers (ish), etc. I’ll be honest, this drama isn’t intense at all. I’m not totally attracted to it since I feel like I’m going through a drama depression due to the immense amount of dramas that finished in the past week(s). I think the premise of this drama is pretty interesting and I’m really curious to know how/why Hae Sung came back 12 years later with super powers. There’s also a lot of mysterious people around him. I would seriously flip a table if there’s no reason for any of this to happen. It would make this drama really pointless so I’m hoping that we’re in for something deep and worthwhile.

P.S. The girl’s bangs really bothers me.


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