SMTM6 First Impressions

And SMTM back with a new season! I’m not sure what kind of controversy this season will bring but it seems to be a fun season so far. The judges are amazing – where else can you see Dynamic Duo and Tiger JK & Bizzy?? Though I’m definitely looking forward to Zico/Dean and Dok2/Jay Park team more. A lot of rappers from previous seasons are coming back for this season, which makes it much more interesting considering that I’m aware of a lot of the rappers on the show now. I actually thought it was quite funny when someone said that SMTM is basically “show me the connections.”

I mean, I definitely think it’s pretty awkward for some of the judge’s close acquaintances  to come out as contestants. I mean like, Penomeco is part of Fanxy Child with Dean and Zico. Double K and Dok2 were super duper close. And there’s so much more than I’m not talking about. In the end, it’s all about publicity. Sleepy auditioned for SMTM because people thought he was a comedian rather than a rapper. Double K, who was a producer in the first season came back on the show as a contestant because he felt like he wasn’t as popular as before. It’s such a shame because I absolutely loved his recent album and they served as my study songs that got me through finals week. He’s definitely that one rapper that I’m looking forward to this season.

But we all know that SMTM is all about luck, so we’ll leave it up to fate to decide.


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