The Best Hit Review

I wish I started this drama when it started airing. Looking back now, I kind of wonder how I decided to take a shot at this drama. Whatever the reason was, I’m glad I didn’t regret it one bit. While I loved the drama for the comedy, it also brought a lot of heartfelt moments since it is about family and daily life after all (my favorite type of drama). Remember when I said I want this drama to be a sitcom and have hundreds of episodes? I still feel that way – I was never ready for an ending.

Let’s start with Yoo Hyun Jae/Da Bong. I honestly love his character and Yoon Si Yoon definitely depicts him so well (I think I found a new celeb crush). I really liked that he was very immature, which played into a lot of the comedy in this drama. Still, Da Bong was always such a good character at heart by always helping out those who mattered to him. Except that his helping out Ji Hoon with girl problems ended up with him getting with Woo Seung instead. LOL. But I still really liked that he learned so much when he traveled into the future. Da Bong even talked about how he found happiness by meeting Woo Seung and the people around him in 2017 – that he didn’t feel alone in the world anymore. 

And since I mentioned the love line, I’ll just continue to talk about it. I know a lot of people were on the Ji Hoon-Woo Seung ship and were pretty mad when Da Bong took over. I never really was on any ship so when Da Bong took over, I just accepted it and I ended up really liking them together. I just think that they have so many hijinks together and Woo Seung became more and more like Da Bong (in character). I do think that it’s a bit messed up that Da Bong is technically Ji Hoon’s dad and ends up stealing his son’s girl. But to think about it, they had so much screen time together that it was pretty obvious where the love line was going to go. Or the drama could have just not put in a love line at all, but where would all the kdrama cliches be?


Still my favorite scene ever

To speak of it, what made the drama really funny was its take on kdrama cliches. In a regular drama, I think I would have been so annoyed but knowing that this drama was made by variety producers and High Kick writers, I just found it funny. I thought putting in a love line was also a way to attack many kdrama cliches because, really, what is a kdrama without a love line? What I did find ridiculous was the constant mouthwash product placement. So. Unnecessary. But is that also a way to poke fun at product placement in kdramas?

I really liked that this drama was so life and family/friends oriented. The drama is so good at incorporating humor into any possible scene and humor is not just the only thing they’re good at – all those heartbreaking or heartfelt scenes were so worth as well. Ji Hoon choosing to debut with World Entertainment says a lot about how much he values his family. Not only that, he also told Gwang Jae that he’s the only father he’s ever had even if Gwang Jae wasn’t his biological father. I thought it was so sweet of him. I really felt the most for the Grandpa plot line with his daughter. The scene where he sits with his late daughter and tells her that she was the best thing that happened to him was just so touching to see; tears just welled up in my eyes.

I thought the ending was so fitting for this drama and it honestly caught me by surprise to see there being two Yoo Hyun Jae’s. It seems like the drama was hinting at it all this time because going to the future changed his life and he probably couldn’t return to the past and be the same person. My eyes welled up even more when the 1994 Yoo Hyun Jae said that he was going to stay in his own time period because that’s where he belongs. He’s a star after all and he was going to die a star there. Literally one of the only times I actually liked this noble idiocy cliche. The ending overall was so sweet, but I’m still not ready to put down this drama. Already starting to feel a little empty without it and it’s only been a few hours.

5/5 – DA BONG!


P.S. Squad goals af


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