Suspicious Partner Review

I do have a love-hate with this drama, namely because I had such high expectations for this drama. It was probably the most interesting drama that came out before the whole bunch that I had just reviewed came out. I personally liked that the whole drama was about this one case that got every main character involved. But then eventually, it turned into too much of a love drama and I wasn’t invested in it anymore.

I mean, the drama is supposed to be a love drama, so I shouldn’t complain about not liking the lovey dovey parts. To be very honest, this pairing isn’t something that I looked forward to every week – not very sure why. I felt like it was because I didn’t really like Nam Ji Hyun. Something about the way she talks and the way she acts kind of bothers me. And it’s just her, not her character. Her character wasn’t annoying or dumb; she puts a lot of feeling into what she does. To continue about the love line, I actually thought that it was interesting how they pulled in the plot line about the parents. I felt like the parents plot line really reflected what was happening in their lives as well so it was just nice to see Bong Hee prove her innocence and finding out the truth about their parents death even though they couldn’t change the reality on paper.

Regarding the plot, I thought the Jung Hyun Soo plot line was pretty interesting. I actually felt a little bad for him in the end, even though I feel like I shouldn’t. I never regarded him as a ruthless murderer, just someone who wanted revenge because he felt bad about not being able to protect a special someone in the past. Maybe I just had a soft spot for Dong Ha because I really liked his character in Chief Kim. I sound like I’m endorsing revenge and murder but this is not what I wanted to get across. It’s just that there are many sad stories out there but everyone must abide by the law or they will face consequences. Just take Lookout for example, the main characters go on with their revenge plan knowing that they will pay for consequences but figured that these consequences was worth the corruption they were bringing down. In this drama, our main characters are, thankfully, competent and good people who are able to fight corruption through legal means.

What I loved the best was that this drama punished those that should be punished, namely the corrupt prosecutors. Unlike Lookout, I actually felt a sense of closure because we clearly saw what the bad guys had to go through. It’s such an ideal ending where everyone ends up where they are supposed to end up. I really liked that in the end, all the main characters got along even though they weren’t on the best terms throughout the drama, namely Bong Hee, Yoo Jung and Ji Hae. I definitely loved the second love line between Eun Hyuk and Yoo Jung; not really sure why some people were so against it. The characters really shined throughout this drama and I love them.

3.5/5 – Although I didn’t necessarily find it interesting half way through, it was still a good run.



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