First Impressions: Bride of Water God

I am aware that Bride of Water God faced very mixed reviews for their first two episodes. I think the main problem is that there are a lot of good dramas out right now and it doesn’t really live up to its expectations. I personally didn’t really like the first episode and could barely get through it. It wasn’t interesting to me at all and I have the same reactions to all comic-turned-dramas or anime-turned-dramas. I know some people complain about these dramas because it doesn’t follow the comic/anime but I’ve never read the manhwa or watched the anime so I don’t think that’s the problem for me. It might just be the genre and the story line.

For this drama specifically, I also don’t think it’s the main leads’ faults for being bad actors/actresses. I’m not a big fan of Nam Joo Hyuk but I really can’t bear to see him playing this role. I just think it doesn’t fit him and it’s kind of cringeworthy. Not really sure if it’s his acting or if it’s the plot and the cheesy lines. I think this drama is better read than watched, so I might want to just stick with recaps for this one since it’s not worth my hour.


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