First Impressions: The Best Hit

Um, where have I been all this time? The Best Hit is such a great and entertaining drama. I don’t think it’s anything compared to Circle or Lookout, but the plot and characters are entertaining. I feel like I’m coming out of my dark phase of loving thrillers/melodramas. I actually read recaps for all the episodes so that I’m all caught up but I intend on watching all of the episodes just for the comedy. This drama really reminds me of High Kick 3 (and I just realized it’s the same writer) in terms of plot – living situations, family style type of drama, life in general. Again, it hits upon time travel (what is with this year and the concept of time travel??), but I don’t think it’s the main point of this drama. If anything, I think it just adds onto the LOL moments. I could honestly watch this forever – turn this into a sitcom and I’m in for the ride (not that I’m not already).

And we also hit upon relatable moments such as the quote below:

At one point, our goals have turned from passing an exam to escaping this place. We study not to become something, but we fear that we won’t become anything. We study not to gain something, but because we don’t want to lose anything anymore. We study not to pass an exam, but because this is the only thing we know how to do.


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