June in Review

After coming back from vacation, I was hit with all these super duper good dramas. I literally spent my whole month sitting at home watching these dramas with no will to do anything else. I also have no idea what even happened while I was gone since there’s been so many scandals and disbandments going on. So, let’s dive in→

So Tunnel ended in May, but since I was away, I didn’t get a chance to watch until I came back. I absolutely loved this drama as a time travel drama. It didn’t play too much with the time travel aspect which could be quite challenging. I just felt like this drama was very well written, with an amazing plot and strong characters. I gave this drama such a high grade because it was just such a great drama compared to the dramas that were out at that time, but now that we have Circle and Lookout, I’m not so sure anymore.

Let’s start with Circle because I managed to finish the whole drama this month. I actually read that Circle wasn’t that popular of a drama because it was just such a dark drama with the main characters getting no breaks in the series of unfortunate events in their lives. It’s true and that’s actually why I like dramas that are so dark. I feel like these are the types of dramas that have the most plot and less fluff. Not that romcoms and happy dramas are bad, but some parts can be slow and draggy. I felt like Circle was a drama that aimed to tell us the dangers of the advances in technology and asked us an important question: What makes us who we are? And now that I think about it, I kind of wonder why the drama is called Circle (besides the fact that the story came full circle).

Next, we have Suspicious Partner, which is still airing until July. While this drama does have some dark aspects to it, a big part of it is romcom and I started feel like it slowed down and wasn’t as interesting when I had other dramas to watch. Even then, I’m determined to finish this drama since it is about fighting for what’s right with the law. Honestly, this is the first drama where we see lawyers and prosecutors who are not evil. Ugh, evil prosecutors remind me of Defendant, except instead of fighting against a rich CEO, we’re fighting against a really smart serial killer. And why does the serial killer have to be the guy in Chief Kim? He was my favorite character there!

Now onto the new dramas of June, let’s start with Fight My Way. Also another romcom, this one is so heart-felt sometimes. In an interview, Park Seo Joon talked about how he wanted to emphasize the concepts of success and failures and how the motto of this whole drama is “I’m just going to go for it; whatever will be will be.” Every time I watch this drama, I feel like I could seriously be in their shoes and it makes me tear up every time to think that I’m not as strong as they are either. They would always stand up for themselves and fight for their dreams, but it takes such bravery to do so and I don’t think I have that in me. I also absolutely love the love line in this drama; it almost makes me want some kind of relationship like the one they have.

And for the last Monday-Tuesday drama I have, Lookout is the one I look forward to every week (right after Circle). I seriously want this drama to just wrap up already because I could see the end in the distance and the wait is just killing me. I’ve read so many people talking about how Suji was being very insensitive to Do Han about his actions, but I don’t really see it. I could totally understand where she’s coming from and she also eventually understands what dangerous position Do Han is putting himself in. Can I just comment about how much I love Suji’s sense of style and Kim Young Kwang’s acting is so amazing. Every single little emotion is expressed clearly on his face – I love it!

I’m also keeping up with Duel through recaps because I’m a little scared to watch it myself. I actually don’t think that it’s as captivating as Lookout or Circle though it has elements of both of those dramas mixed in this one. Overall, it’s pretty interesting but the idea of clones just kind of scares me. Especially when one clone turns out to be the good guy and one the bad. Though I have a feeling that the bad clone isn’t really bad – it’s all for revenge isn’t it?

Is Sister’s Slam Dunk coming back with a season 3? I honestly hope so because it’s such an entertaining show with the industry’s strongest females. While I didn’t necessarily like the idea of just making a project girl group, I really enjoyed the second season. I wished they actually had a full blown promotion for the song, but I’m pretty happy that they gained so much recognition from it.

I also started Idol Drama Operation Team with intention to continue it, but I’m not actually sure. I love the cast and all, but I don’t know if it really is that interesting. Probably need another episode or a second opinion to continue this one.

On a side note, SMTM6 is coming!!!

Song Releases:
Some highlights from this month:
SISTAR’s last song – Lonely
T-ara’s last song – What’s My Name
Chung Ha (IOI)’s debut – Why Don’t You Know
G-Dragon’s work of art, Untitled, 2014
Circle OST – Alive

Other songs I’m obsessed with this month:
Monsta X – Beautiful
Ha:tfelt x Bohyung x Suran – Cross Country

T.O.P’s marijuana scandal
SISTAR disbands
T-ara announces disbandment


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