Circle Review

I honestly wish this drama would be longer, but that would probably be reflected in the pacing in the drama. I love that this drama is so fast paced. In almost every episode, there is a new revelation, leaving us full of questions. I’m barely able to process what’s going on before something new happens. I feel like this drama is so special because of its dystopian-type of plot. It’s really hard to mess up a sci-fi drama since you literally make all the rules yourself. I loved that the timelines connected so that we can draw our own conclusions. I always found it really fun to connect the characters from one timeline to another since everyone looks different, except for Han Jung Yeon.

I always thought this drama was about an alien, but that is actually only a small part of it. Most of it is about a battle between scientific experiments and ethics. The blue bug experiment they did is so scary; I kept thinking about how it implemented the concept of survival of the fittest since it actually killed those people who couldn’t handle the bug in them (or maybe the bug was just defective). I also kept thinking about how everyone was so evil in 2037 since they would always just resort to inserting a chip inside someone to check their memories, without their consent. I never understood why they wanted to insert a chip inside Bluebird since she doesn’t have her memories either, like, what good would that even do? I kind of wonder how they even created such a world where people agree to insert a chip inside themselves. It’s pretty freaky how they think that Human B is just their healthcare system when in reality, it control every aspect of their lives. And that’s why they have a “0% crime rate.” If anything goes wrong, everything is just wiped from everyone’s memories and forever forgotten.


Can we appreciate this lovely Macbeth “no man born of a woman can harm me” moment?

I really appreciated how realistic they made 2037 to be – from the transparent phones to the VR calling. I was so impressed by how it was so well thought out. But at the same time, it also freaked me out how reliant the future is on technology and that’s actually pretty reflective of our world today. On Smart Earth, once the network is down, literally nothing works anymore. I mean, isn’t it super freaky that they turned Kim Woo Jin into a component of the super computer?


Forget traveling; you can go anywhere with VR

I think this drama is more plot driven rather than character based, so I’ll just brush by the characters. I don’t think they were exceptionally spectacular, but they weren’t stupid or acted out for no reason. I think they did such a good casting call since Gong Seung Yeon acting as an alien was so believable. I claim it’s the eyes that make her look like one. It’s also amazing how she can just act so emotionless when she just arrived on Earth. And now, every time I see her, I’m going to think of her character as an alien. I kind of wonder how she eventually developed emotions and adopted her alias Han Jung Yeon, though. I personally love her strong character, both in 2017 and 2037. I almost didn’t even recognize her in 2037 since she had such fierce eyeliner on.

I love how loyal Han Jung Yeon, Joonhyuk/Bum Gyun, and Kim Woo Jin are to each other. The only thing I really don’t understand was in the end when Joonhyuk went from “he’s not Kim Woo Jin, he’s a clone!” to being “you are my brother, I accept you even though you’re a clone”. I thought that change was way too sudden and it seemed like the writers just went like “okay, we only have one episode left, let’s just wrap this up.” But I’m not here to nitpick anything. I like that there wasn’t any romance since it wouldn’t fit in with the drama, even though we could almost see those love lines between the characters.

I mentioned earlier that I really liked connecting who was who between the two timelines since it’s basically the same characters with different actors/actresses since there’s been a 20 year difference. It was interesting to see how everyone turned out after all this time. How has nobody ever suspected Park Dong Gun all this time? Isn’t there something suspicious about him if he has a high position on Smart Earth?


What a subtle burn to say that he looks old

But I have to say, I felt so bad for Han Jung Yeon’s father (Professor Han). Although he was the bad guy in 2017, he wasn’t as big of a bad guy as Park Dong Gun was. Seeing how horribly Park Dong Gun treated him and Kim Woo Jin made my heart sink. Even just the fact that he deceived everyone for all those years made him Park Dong Gun such a despicable character. I thought his ending really fit his character as in he would continue to pursue anything he fancies, even if it means that he would meet his death.

I also unexpectedly liked Kikwang’s character, even though he didn’t have that big of a role in this drama. At first, his character was a little annoying since I didn’t know which side he was on, until he really understood what was going on on Smart Earth. Sometimes, I felt like he even had such strong opinions on what was right and what was wrong, while all the other characters are like “Oh, I don’t know if we’re doing the right thing.” Are our memories more important or is it our happiness? And what really gives us our identities – is it our memories, or is it something else?

4.5/5 – My first impressions started with this and I’ll end with this as well – A M A Z I N G.



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