Bewhy, Monsta X & More

BewhY – Scar

9Muses – Remember
I love 9Muses, but I have such dread when I know that this is their 7th year. We all know what that means, right? Their contracts are coming up and seeing how everyone’s left, I feel like they’re on the verge of disbanding. I really liked their songs back in 2013 and I’ll forever remember their lineup as 9.

Monsta X – Shine Forever

Uji x Andup – Alive
Love, love this drama.

Seulong – You

Ben – Sweety
Like the comments suggests, this song sounds SO MUCH like Chainsmokers’ Closer.

Mamamoo – Yes, I Am

Blackpink – As If It’s Your Last

Jang Jin Young x The Barberettes – Stranger’s Love
It’s the coach from Sister’s Slam Dunk!

Henry – I’m Good



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