Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2 Review

When I first started this season, I had my doubts since I didn’t like that it was just going to be a project girl group type of variety show. I’d rather it be more heartfelt than anything, where each member tells the world about their own stories and struggles. I’m really pleased by the turnout with this show – we got both. It’s just that I really loved the concept of the show last season and before everyone jumps at me by saying that they did fulfill their dreams, I feel like it wasn’t their real dream as an ordinary person. It’s something that they tried as a celebrity. But it wouldn’t have really worked for this season because Sook and Hong Jinkyung are also in this season and they’ve fulfilled their dreams.

I have to admit that I felt like the show wasn’t as fun in the beginning because I felt like it was a training program for a girl group rather than a variety show. All the teachers were so serious in the beginning, but everyone started loosening up as time went on. I really liked that they tried to make the song and dance something that all the members could do by matching the standards of the “worst” member. And when I saw “worst” member, I don’t actually mean there being any bad members – all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, especially when it’s not their profession to be a singer or dancer. It’s all about trying something new. And I’m really impressed by how much they worked and practice to make the project girl group a success.

I honestly didn’t really like the song at first, but after spending half the whole show listening to it, I have to admit that it’s really addicting. I pretty much learned the whole song and dance to it, except that it’s way too fast for me to follow along. I grade myself “A” for trying, heh.

I love that we were able to see how each member has changed throughout the show. Especially seeing how Yewon chose to overcome her fears of singing is so inspiring. I love how close they became – even doing things together after the show has ended. Anyone see how close Hong Jinyoung and Han Chaeyoung are? They’re so cute together – honestly my favorite people on the show. I also love that this variety show is an all female cast – very rare in the field, especially when I feel like every season, they invite very strong females.

I wish this show would go on forever; please come back with a season 3!


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