First Impressions: Lookout

Oh, how I love police and justice type dramas. If I were to compare this drama to others, I think it is somewhat similar to Bad Guys, except a lot more story-based. Since we see more story in this drama, I think we become more invested in it. You really get to feel all the emotions that the main character is feeling. Besides, I love strong female leads. Also, people are not always who you expect them to be; their fronts are just too good.  Undercover dramas are usually great, from my HK drama experience. The corrupt people in this drama are prosecutors and government people (no surprise there, right?) and it’s the underdogs trying to get justice. I know it’s a really hard fight and I don’t always like how things work since the outcome takes a super long time, but I hope we’ll have a good run with this drama. You can count me in this one as well.

On a side note, I’m absolutely loving the OST.


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