First Impressions: Fight My Way

Definitely a lot lighter drama than Circle – more romcom and a drama about life in general. I don’t think the plot is super spectacular, but this drama seems to be more character based than plot based, as in, the characters is what makes the drama good. I’ve been looking forward to this drama because of Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon and I have to say that I’m really loving this drama as well.

It doesn’t necessarily give me the same thrill that Circle does but it does touch my heart. I feel like it’s similar to Radiant Office in that it’s about people who didn’t make it big but still have their own dreams and goals. Except I felt like this drama is a lot better executed with better characters. I honestly love the relationship between Choi Ae Ra and Ko Dong Man. Not just their relationship, just their friendship in general is basically like friendship goals. I’m jumping on the bandwagon for this one – already up to date as I speak and I’m definitely looking forward to more.


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