Tunnel Review

I absolutely love every aspect of this drama – the plot, theme, character relationships, development, etc. I thought almost everything was perfectly executed though there were some parts that I could nitpick on. I love that it was a time travel drama, but it was different from Tomorrow With You and Signal. Rather than going back and forth between the two time lines, Kwang Ho is just stuck in the future. I love the relationships that Kwang Ho develops in the future.

I really like Kwang Ho as a character. Unlike the male character in Voice, Kwang Ho thinks more than he acts, which (in my opinion) makes him a good detective. In Voice, that main lead acts out whenever something goes wrong. All Kwang Ho does is probably just cutely stomp off into his own room and sulks, thinking about how to solve the case. I thought it was a little unrealistic how people around him accepted his traveling from the past. It was pretty funny to see people around him struggling to address him properly, especially since he’s young but is technically older. I especially loved his relationship with Sun Jae and Jae Yi. I loved how Sun Jae and Kwang Ho initially didn’t like each other and eventually became attached to each other after finding out how their connection. I thought it was so funny how Kwang Ho used to be Sun Jae and Jae Yi’s biggest shipper, until he found out that Jae Yi is his daughter.

And it’s true that Sun Jae and Jae Yi are super cute together. I’ve probably been shipping them from episode 3, and that was when they didn’t even do anything but hang up on each other. I honestly thought that Jae Yi was a creepy character, especially since she studies criminals/is a profiler. I thought it was just really interesting how she could look into the criminals and understand how they became that way. It makes an interesting story overall. I think her background also added to the effect since she became a little insensitive due to all the events that happened in her life. I really liked that we got to know her better and opened her up as she became closer to Sun Jae and Kwang Ho. I still think it’s a little out of her character when she decided to take things out of her hand to lure the serial killer out by dressing in short skirts. I thought that she was going to act really badass and she probably thought so too, but fear unexpectedly kicks in. But that is honestly the only thing I would really nitpick on. It was so unlike the part where she was kidnapped in the end and confronted the real serial killer.

I do think that the plot was really nicely written. As I said before, I liked that he didn’t travel back and forth; it was only once and I thought it was very nicely executed without plot holes. A lot of the events were pretty predictable, but that didn’t make it a typical drama at all. I didn’t think it was scary at all though I would not recommend watching it at 1 AM. I clearly remember the part in the beginning where the criminal in the psychiatric ward was singing the three bears song. Other than that, I thought the rest of the drama wasn’t that scary at all, but it was intense and I did sit at the edge of my seat for a big chunk of the drama.

5/5 – Absolutely perfect.


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