May in Review

I know I’m really inactive in May because of finals, followed by two weeks of vacation. I haven’t been able to catch up with the past week and a half since I’m currently still on vacation but will be back soon. For now, let’s recap what went down in the parts of May where I was actually here in front of my computer.

Ah yes, Radiant Office ended. It sure turned out better than I had thought in my first impressions. I honestly think this drama was pretty underrated because it was pretty interesting but I never heard people talk about it. I do have so say that I felt like the drama was a little more on the slow side and only started to speed up for the last two episodes. It’s almost like the writers and the director realized that they needed to end the drama somehow and just sped up relationship and character progressions. I could probably watch an office drama like this forever, but I still prefer something like Chief Kim over Radiant Office.

The Liar and His Lover also ended. I know I always talk about how I don’t understand why this drama is so loved, and I still don’t understand. It is a very light drama and I do get that some people are into that, especially when they’re stressed about something. I thought it was a little pointless, but definitely still better than other pointless dramas *cough*Heirs*cough*. It also wasn’t horrible to the point that I wanted to shut it off even though I always watched it on double the speed because it was just super slow for me. At least I now know that I should stick with heavier dramas.

I know Tunnel just ended and I’m waiting to watch it too so review will come soon, but I absolutely love this drama.

I started Suspicious Partner and I really liked the first two (four) episodes. This two episodes per day is forever going to throw me off, but let’s put up with it. I feel like the drama is already slowing down after the drama has been set up, but I do look forward to romcom scenes. I do have to say after reflecting back on why I didn’t like Liar and His Lover, I realized I need either thriller/suspense dramas or romcoms. I would argue that Suspicious Partner also is a bit of a suspense kind of drama because there’s a killer coming after the two main characters. And can we just take a moment to talk about what a drastic character change Choi Tae Joon is taking. He literally played a murderer in Missing 9 and he plays a pretty fun character in this drama. Hopefully he doesn’t turn out to be a killer in this drama too.

I am also looking forward to so many new summer dramas, including Fight My Way.

I cannot believe that Sister’s Slam Dunk is already ending soon. I absolutely love this show and I love the casting. Let’s just take some time to appreciate their debut.

I’ve been talking about SMTM6 since last month and I still don’t know when it’s going to come out, but I’m still excited.

Song Releases:
I’ve found so many new and great songs to listen to while studying. And this includes Unnies’ song above!
Boa – Spring Rain
Suran – Wine
Jun Hyung – Wonder If


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