First Impressions: Suspicious Partner

Amazing first (two?) episode(s) – I am already hooked on it. I put question marks because I don’t actually know how this drama is being aired, but each day seems to be airing two episodes (but each episode is half of the length), which is still the same as normal. This drama seems pretty fast paced since the first few episodes already set up everything and the plot looks quite interesting. I hope that this drama keeps the pace and we get enough drama throughout all the episodes. I do like that the drama is about a murder case, which seems dark, but the drama seems to fall into the romcom feel. I know I have a thing for dark and heavy dramas, while I shy away from light fluffy ones, so this might be somewhere in between.

On the other hand, I’m pretty glad that we’re finally seeing Ji Chang Wook in a drama other than an action drama. This drama does know how to make use of him though, with all the shower scenes and whatnot. But honestly, I think Ji Chang Wook has so much charisma, it just shines through the screen. His chemistry with almost everyone is amazing (see: K2). His character and Nam Ji Hyun’s characters seem pretty cool for now since they’re not despicable or stupid. I actually do love their dramatic facial expressions, which brings in a lot of the comedy. I really look forward to watching this drama – can it be Wednesday again?


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