The Liar and His Lover Review

I don’t want to be mean, but I don’t really know why this drama is so popular. It wasn’t appealing to me, but if you want to argue otherwise, go ahead. There’s something about music dramas that make it hard to like; I think the only one I really liked was probably Dream High or Shut Up! Flower Boy Band. The drama was sweet, wasn’t necessarily overly stupid, but definitely a little too slow for my liking.

I don’t think the plot was superb, and to me, what made the drama so popular was probably the actors and actresses. I didn’t feel like the plot was anything heavy – it was very centered around the main couple and the characters’ personal lives. I didn’t even think this drama was that lovey-dovey to start with since So Rim was so occupied with Mush & Co, while Han Gyeol was occupied with company politics and Crude Play. Not to mention, it’s a very youthful drama and I don’t think love was really the main focus as opposed to keeping your friend circle together and not abandoning them for better career options. What really stood out to me the most was probably just insights on the music industry and company politics, even if it may or may not be realistic.

And since the whole drama is so character focused, let’s dive into the characters.
So Rim is not the best character, but not the worst character either. She doesn’t really stand out because although she is the main character, I felt like the real main character was Han Gyeol. She’s honestly just there to help Han Gyeol find his place, since she never really makes any mistakes. There were honestly a lot of loose plot lines that the drama didn’t went through with – like that time So Rim had stage fright, but those symptoms suddenly disappeared after she met Han Gyeol.

Han Gyeol is supposed to shine bright in this drama, yet I felt like the character development wasn’t there until the very end. A lot of the characters were very flat in this way as well, not just Han Gyeol. Our second lead, Chan Young was honestly super annoying to me. I didn’t feel bad for him when he lost So Rim to Han Gyeol, but I did feel bad for him when he felt left out from Crude Play since he felt like replaced Han Gyeol despite everyone’s protests. I’m glad that things worked out in the end though.

The only thing I liked from this drama was probably the side love line between Si Hyun and Soo Yeon. The main love line was so plain and I didn’t feel any chemistry between So Rim and Han Gyeol. There was absolutely no excitement or anything to look forward to in their relationship. I felt like it was so forced – So Rim literally just saw hearts in her eyes the first time she saw Han Gyeol. And Han Gyeol only liked her because of her voice. I honestly don’t know what was so special about So Rim that three guys were chasing after her. The So Rim-Chan Young love line was so forced, almost as if the drama wanted to have a love triangle and forced it in there. The third one of Jin Woo and So Rim was actually really funny and super cringe worthy to me.

2.5/5 – I felt like this drama was way too hyped up and overrated for my liking. It failed to meet my expectations, but I definitely liked some of the songs that came out from it.


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