Radiant Office Review

Office dramas are honestly my favorite, right next to time travel ones. They’re fairly realistic and in my last April in Review post, I’d mentioned that Ho Won reminds me of myself. There’s no way you can’t feel for her when she feels wronged in some way. Life out there is hard and we can’t expect everything to be sunshine and rainbows.

I do love that Ho Won is a strong character. I guess this drama in general is filled with strong woman characters. I love how realistic she is and how she stands up for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to call people out for doing the wrong thing. In the beginning, I honesty thought that Ho Won was being a little dumb, but that’s the whole point of this drama – we can’t judge people by how they are in the beginning. Some people have a big learning curve and just need that little push to get them in the right place.

Kang Ho and Ki Taek are both lovable characters because they’re on the same boat as Ho Won, but react very differently to their situations. I really liked that we were able to see character development in both of them. And the fact that we were able to see them outside the office meant that all the characters in the office were important characters. Ki Taek’s relationship with Ji Na is also so sweet, but typical k-drama tropes are just plopped in there (see: noble idiocy because of sickness).

Now onto our other two important characters – Woo Jin and Hyun. I honestly can’t believe how naive I was to like Hyun in the beginning of the drama. He truly seemed like a nice guy, and like Ho Won I still think he is a nice guy on the inside but acts like a selfish heir who just wants his part in the company. Woo Jin was such a despicable character in the first two episodes, but we see him softening up throughout the whole drama. His friendship/relationship with Ho Won is adorable and I love that the drama wasn’t too focused on their love line. But honestly, towards the ending, I was so confused because their romance started progressing really fast – to the point I thought I had skipped an episode.

And the last episode really didn’t feel like the last episode at all. I was actually left wanting more and I felt like with office dramas, you can honestly go on forever because office drama never stops. I don’t exactly like that it ended on a starting note (if you know what I mean), but it is very fitting for this drama because it is about opening up new horizons and the dreams of being promoted.

Overall, I really liked that this drama was based off of personal lives more than office life (as we had seen in Chief Kim). We obviously do get some office politics, but the character development and relationships were a big chunk of the drama.

3/5 – Honestly wasn’t super amazing, funny, or memorable, but I enjoyed it.


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