A Finals Playlist For You

As I begin to write my final papers, I find myself watching a whole series of drama instead. I always manage to convince myself that I need inspiration to write my papers. I think it’s a total waste of time to just be sitting there thinking about what to write. Why not watch some dramas instead?

My recommendations for dramas during finals:

  • W – Two Worlds
    • This drama is probably the most creative drama I’ve ever watched. As I went back to rewatch this drama over the weekend, I realized how fast paced it was, but the middle and the end seemed like the writer didn’t know where she wanted to take this drama. It has such a good set up, but everything else just goes in circles. I have to admit that I love the beginning romance scenes and probably the bittersweet ending. Though I would hate it if I read the comic for W because they never saw the villains’ ends.
  • Angry Mom
    • This drama could be so dark sometimes but I love going back to rewatch this – mainly just the middle and the ending. I love watching all the parts with Ji Soo-Kim Hee Sun interactions for the hilarity.
  • Goblin
    • In theory, I would love going back to watch Goblin, but it can be a bit slow sometimes. If I were to rewatch Goblin, I would probably watch for the Goblin-Grim Reaper bromance scenes. Or the hilarious “teach Goblin and Grim Reaper how the modern world works” scenes.
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
    • I have yet to go back to this drama since it just recently ended. I would love to rewatch all the funny and romance scenes. Am I just talking about the whole drama?
  • School 2013
    • I’ve rewatched this drama a bunch of times and I always go for the most heartfelt moments. I absolutely love the part when Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin (I totally forgot their character names) finally make up and become friends(?) again. It’s been so long since I’ve watched this drama but it’s one of my all time favorites.

I also shared this before, but this is my study playlist. I know this doesn’t work for everyone since everyone prefers relaxing music, but I tend to fall asleep when I have some relaxing music playing. I need some upbeat hiphop songs to keep me in the mood.


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