April in Review

I’m so sad to say that the dramas I “tried out” didn’t really meet my expectations, but I still stuck with them. I’ve heard about many promising dramas, but they didn’t seem that appealing to me so I’m not watching them (aka Chicago Typewriter & Whisper). After Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ended, I’ve only been looking forward to Tunnel and Sister’s Slam Dunk. I honestly can’t wait for May or June when Circle (new drama!) and Show Me the Money comes out.

To start with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, I absolutely miss the couple and the humor in this drama. Thankfully, I’m not having drama withdrawal anymore since I’m so occupied with school and other dramas. To be honest, I never looked forward to the plot and I always wished to fast forward all the creepy kidnapping parts (props to the actor though). I hate to be mean but I was so skeptical that this drama was going to flop because it was JTBC and the last JTBC drama I watched was Madame Antoine, which was utter nonsense. The romance, the actors and actresses made up for everything in this drama. I also totally forgot to mention how much I loved Hyung Sik’s eyebrows in this drama. What a perfect guy.

The Liar and His Lover is such a slow drama and I contemplated dropping it several times. I have to admit that the plot seems so silly to me and the characters are starting to annoy me a bit. I do love the songs (Crude Play’s Peter Pan is so good) but I’ve been dealing with the other problems by watching this drama on 1.25 speed. Surprisingly, there’s not a big difference and everything seems to be better paced.

Radiant Office is actually not as I thought it would be. I actually love the characters because they have so much depth. I do love the trio and their interactions, though it kind of bothers me how much Ho Won cries. She honestly reminds me of myself – the emotional one who’s affected by every little comment and action done against her. I love Woo Jin for being the supportive supervisor he is (this reminds me so much of Misaeng). I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a love line in this drama, but I feel like it would be a fine drama without it (I think a lot of , but if they do put a love line in here, I’m totally fine with it too. I also love Ji Na’s character. She was despicable at first when she ultimately broke up with Ki Taek because he didn’t fit her expectations. Throughout the drama, we do see that she actually cares and starts to see a different side of Ki Taek now that they’re working together. Wherever this drama is going, I’m enjoying it. Eun Jang Do fighting!

I absolutely love Tunnel. This drama is an example of a crime drama done right. I think a lot of the events, such as Jae Yi being Kwang Ho’s daughter, Sun Jae being the son of the victim, the forensic guy to be the serial killer was all expected. What I absolutely love is that the drama catches us off guard when they choose to do the reveals. While this drama is (sort of) a time travel drama, I honestly doubt that they would bring Kwang Ho back to the past to save his wife. I could be totally wrong but bending time like that would change the present so much and put unnecessary holes in the plot.

I’m getting so attached to the girls in Sister’s Slam Dunk. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the song that they’re going to release, but I always end up finding myself singing along to it. I really appreciate how much hard work they’re putting into this and just shows that you can honestly do anything as long as you practice. The girls are super funny and amazing. I absolutely love how supportive Hong Jin Young is and how hardworking Kang Ye Won is. They need 

Song Releases:
IU – Palette
Minzy – Superwoman
Hyolyn x Changmo – Blue Moon
Vromance – I’m in Love
KARD – Rumor

EXP releases a new song – this is my reaction.
Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are dating! Weighlifting Fairy feels, anyone?


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