Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Review

Hands down, one of the best dramas of this year. It was so perfectly cute even though I’m not a big fan of cute dramas. The romance was perfect and I fell in love with each and every one of the characters that I don’t know if I can really write a proper review for this drama.

First of all, I absolutely love that it’s Bong Soon who has super strength instead of a guy because it shows that women can be heroes too. I love that she was independent and not stupid. She wanted to take down the bad guys by herself – to the point that everyone worried for her because even if she had the strength, she’s no match with a knife or a gun. I laughed so hard at the people she beat up, but felt so bad for Secretary Gong for having to go through the butt injury from playing that chicken game. I honestly think that Park Bo Young portrayed Bong Soon really well. Her crying scenes were the best – super realistic and emotional. I love that she wasn’t overly cute and had just the perfect amount to make the whole drama lovable.

Moving onto Hyungsik and Ji Soo. I know, I’m a big fan of Ji Soo and really wanted him to have the main lead for once, but I fell in love with Hyungsik. I can’t get over how cute his character was and the way he looks at Bong Soon is just *squeals*. I’m serious when I say that my heart skips a beat every time he’s on screen and does something swoon-worthy. I’m surprised at how much I didn’t really care about Ji Soo’s character. I know a lot of people found him annoying, but I didn’t see anything annoying about his character. He was a very protective friend who was always a step late. He pretty much acknowledged Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s relationship even though he was a bit upset about it. But the fact that he wasn’t too pushy about it made him very likeable. I didn’t feel like Min Hyuk and Gook Doo hated each other; they were just jealous and had so much potential for some budding bromance. I loved that Min Hyuk would always correct Secretary Gong when he says “Bok Doo”, which honestly reminds me of Bok Dong from Angry Mom (ugh, love). Jisoo breaks my heart until the end.

To be honest, the plot about the whole kidnapper case was really creepy and I felt like the contrast between that and the cute romance plot was really extreme. However, I do think it’s necessary or else there wouldn’t be a substantial plot. I mean, there wasn’t a lot of plot to start with and I thought it was pretty obvious what was going to happen. I expected Bong Soon to lose her powers at the most crucial moment but I was so confused when it happened because I always thought that she would lose her powers only if she used her powers for bad intentions, but that moment was more of her trying to save Kyung Shim rather than anything. And why did she suddenly get back her powers? I mean, that was necessary since she can’t die but I sometimes wish there were better rules. I read a comment about how Bong Soon losing her powers was a test from the Gods to find who she was. She always wanted to be normal, but when she lost her powers, she felt like there was no point in her life. This speaks volumes.

What I really loved about this drama was the humor. The drama did have a lot of running gags and it didn’t bother me as much as it bothered other people. I absolutely love the sound effects (even better than Weightlifting Fairy’s!). The best part of the drama was probably Kim Won Hae and his portrayal of both Kim Gwang Bok and Oh Dong Byung. I couldn’t stop laughing whenever Oh Dong Byung came up, especially after seeing Kim Won Hae play a rather serious character in Chief Kim.

4.5/5 – The first time I’m seriously having drama withdrawal syndrome in years. Love the cast, love the romance, love the drama. Cute romance scenes are definitely worth the re-watch.


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