Chief Kim Review

March was just so busy that I couldn’t fit this review in last minute. I honestly can’t believe that Chief Kim was ending. I didn’t expect literally all my dramas to be ending at the same time. Although I came into this drama a little late, I loved the humor and the characters so much. It was unexpectedly entertaining and funny. This drama really knew how to embrace the humor and make use of the ridiculous characters.

I find it super fascinating how Chief Kim was able to change everyone around him. I thought it was funny that Ha Kyung started talking like Chief Kim, and so did Seo Yul and Myung Suk. I actually didn’t like Ha Kyung in the beginning because I thought she was so down-to-earth and wouldn’t take jokes, but instead, she was exactly like Chief Kim. I guess she just needed someone to bring the TQ-psycho out of her. I feel like while everyone bluffs so much, she’s more practical but she’s also very willing to go any crazy route to bring justice onto the table again. She is the one who brings the whole team together since everyone trusts her the most and if she’s on the boat, everyone else is on it. I especially love that Chief Kim was able to influence Myung Suk for the better. He was such a despicable character at first because he was just another arrogant heir who knows nothing. Myung Suk was just someone who needed a little guidance in life and in the workplace and he proved to be a great person in the end.

Not to mention, I absolutely love the Seo Yul-Chief Kim dynamic as well. I love how their hate relationship turned into a love-hate and then into a love relationship. I’ve mentioned so many times before that I really thought Seo Yul was undercover because he didn’t seem all too bad and was too cute to hate. I felt like all the antagonists in this drama weren’t all too bad and I didn’t hate them like I did in Defendant. Chief Kim’s description of him as a Gluttonous Sociopath is quite accurate since he’s always eating something in this drama. His confession about eating really fast because he’s afraid someone will steal it is really deep considering his personality. The only reason why he went over to the dark side was because he didn’t like losing. I love that Chief Kim was able pull Seo Yul out of the dark side and put him in the right path again. I love that Chief Kim was able to prove that when chances are given to you, it’s a sign that the world wants you to change and we should take advantage of it. Chief Kim didn’t want to be Mr. Righteous, but he became everyone’s hero after slipping on ice. He embraced that title and started acting by it. When Chief Kim gave Seo Yul the chance, Seo Yul was persuaded to take it and become a good person, even if it means that there’s nothing in it for him. Not everything is about receiving, it’s also about giving to those who deserve it.

I also like that the drama focused on the office, rather than personal lives. The drama is very focused on corruption and teamwork among the good and the bad. I really liked that there weren’t really any love lines in this drama since it wasn’t the main focus of the drama. I know I always talk about how much I love Seo Yul’s crush on Ha Kyung, but I also love that not having love lines allows for deeper friendships and character relationships, making us feel very attached to the characters.

4/5 – Chief Kim is a great drama, not just because of the plot, but also because of the strong characters that inspire others to take the ethical route.


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