March In Review

There’s always a time for goodbyes and a time for hellos. Literally all my dramas ended and so many new ones came out, so I apologize for such a long post. Tldr; I don’t necessary love the new dramas, but I’m going to give it a try. The only one I’m loving is obviously Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. However, I do have a need to watch something everyday since it’s become part of my routine (and workout routine) to do so.

I know this is so random, but I started watching selective episodes of Angry Mom again. I think Angry Mom came out around this time 2 years ago, and I’m just having all the feels again. I love rewatching scenes with Go Bok Dong (Jisoo) and Kang Ja (Kim Hee Sun). Bok Dong’s little crush on Kang Ja is so adorable and laughable, considering she’s twice his age. Besides the really sweet scenes between them, I really liked the mother-daughter dynamic in the drama, as well as the melo scenes. It’s always been the drama I go back to whenever I’m depressed and want to cry.

Starting from new dramas, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon starting airing late February and I’m loving it so much. I’m sure you know by now that I’m not a big fan of cute dramas, but this one is super adorable and I love all the characters. I love having a funny and entertaining drama to wind down my week. I recall previously saying that I was upset that Jisoo isn’t the main lead in this drama, but I’m loving Hyungsik so much right now that I don’t even mind that he isn’t the main lead. I honestly ship the two guys together; every scene with them is so funny. Besides that, I really love the messages of feminism in this drama. Hurray for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!

Next, we have Radiant Office, which honestly, is not very captivating because I think Ho Won is so stupid and the main guy, Woo Jin is such an asshole. I feel like he purposely pushes Ho Won’s buttons because he knows that she has the potential to do so much better, but that might just be me seeing the best in him. I feel like whenever Ho Won does something extraordinary, he has a very entertained/smirking face, which to me seems like he’s expecting something good to happen from the situation. What bothers me the most are her imaginations. They can entertaining and funny, but I have trouble differentiating whether it’s her imagination or the truth, which bothers me. I really like that Ho Won doesn’t have any fear since she believes that she’s going to die in 6 months max. I’m hope that it was a mistake and the doctors weren’t talking about any one of the three employees because I really look forward to the character development of these characters. Dangling this variable in the air keeps the tension up in the drama, but it’s still too slow for my liking. I wish it had more substantial plot.

So the Liar the His Lover also came out starring Joy and Lee Hyun Woo. I recently just wrote a first impressions, so I don’t really have anything more to say about this drama. Thinking about it, it seems really similar to Entertainer, but that might just be because both are music-related. I really like Joy’s voice and I have nothing against it but it’s so sweet and she keeps singing the same songs over and over again in the drama that it kind of annoys me a bit. Anyway, similar to Radiant Office, I think I need to give this some more time to like it.

Tunnel also premiered late March. I really really like this drama since it’s such a different genre from the others that are out now. I feel like I’m still in the serious and crime solving mode. Although I didn’t finish Voice and I gave up on it, I want to try a new drama again. I felt like in Voice, the writers made the rest of the police crew so stupid that it just bothered me so much. I generally like this plot a lot more, especially since there’s a time traveling aspect to it. I hope this drama doesn’t bother me like a lot of OCN dramas tend to do since I’m loving it so far.

Moving on to dramas that ended in March, we have Missing 9. I don’t know why I really liked this drama when everyone else hated it. I thought it was really interesting and the plot line was compelling, even though there were a lot of questionable parts. I hated how a lot of characters were so powerless and easily swayed and threatened by Tae Ho, but I’m glad that we have Bong Hee and Joon Oh to hold Tae Ho down. The ending was really sweet as well. I know a lot of commentators were saying how Tae Ho didn’t deserve to have such a happy ending, but I like that he did because Tae Ho was a pitiful character after all, and the show wanted us to pity him. To clarify, this was the part where all the character came together to paint Bong Hee’s wall and it seems like Tae Ho was still in jail or at least on parole, so he’s still facing consequences. I don’t think he deserves anything worse than that.

Missing 9 and Defendant are such similar dramas in that there’s someone who’s being unfairly accused of and a crazy murderer. Unlike Tae Ho, I don’t believe that Min Ho deserves to be pitied. I know in my review I talked about how he could be a pitiful character, but the way he toyed with people and wasn’t repentant made me dislike him. It’s definitely really hard to take down people with power, and I’m so glad that Jung Woo was able to do it. I have to admit that the build up for this drama was so good because Min Ho was so good at toying with everyone, but the downturn and resolution was almost too easy and plain. I’m still so mad at the show for killing off Sung Kyu. Thinking about how much he cared about Jung Woo and Ha Yeon still makes me tear up.

We have another tearjerker here: Tomorrow With You. I felt like the ending was so rushed that the show didn’t really know what it was doing in the middle. I keep complaining about how slow this drama was since I really think that it had the potential and didn’t live up to it. I don’t think that the show really ties up loose ends really well, since we’re still left with questions. However, I feel like I have gotten so attached to So Joon and Ma Rin that I will be missing this drama because the ending just hit me in the right place.

Chief Kim is another drama I’m going to miss.  I like it a lot more than Radiant Office but the two dramas have very different plot lines. Chief Kim is more about ethics and teamwork, while Radiant Office is about underdogs. Maybe I just like the characters in Chief Kim a lot more because they’re ridiculously funny but smart. I don’t have that urge to yell at the characters for doing something stupid or being stubborn; it’s just a drama I could sit back and relax while watching because I know Chief Kim will come to the rescue. I really like the Seo Yul-Chief Kim dynamic. I think Seo Yul and Chief Kim are really similar in that they both want to be bad characters and be ahead of others by cheating, but have their boundaries and are good people on the inside.

This variety section never changes. I always watch episodes of I Live Alone, Knowing Bros, and Happy Together. I do have to share that the going back in time Happy Together episodes are super hilarious. I never really talk about these shows because I don’t keep up with every single episode. I just watch when someone I know is guesting on the show, so I watch selective episodes.

Other than those three, I’m keeping up with Sister’s Slam Dunk as usual. I love all the girls and I feel like I’m getting used to the whole girl group concept on the show. What makes the show good is honestly the interactions and bonding moments between the girls. I honestly don’t care what they do as long as they’re together and having a good time.

I also can’t wait for the new Produce 101 to end since I heard it’s a really bad season and there’s a lot of scandals on that show. I think it’s horrible that they’re treating the “lower class” trainees this way. I also think it’s really sad that a lot of boy groups joined the show as trainees because their group isn’t really popular (aka Nu’est). I still remember when Nu’est came out and I loved their songs so much, but they just kind of disappeared after two or three releases. But that wasn’t really my point; I can’t wait for that show to end because after that is Show Me the Money! And after SMTM is Unpretty Rapstar, right?

Song Releases:
BAP – Wake Me Up
Eric Nam x Somi – You, Who?
Code Kunst – Fire Water
GFriend – Fingertip


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