First Impressions: Tunnel

Yes, I’m trying out another OCN drama. I normally really like the plots of OCN dramas since they are crime thrillers. OCN crime dramas are really good at building up suspense and keeping it. They’re not afraid of going the gory route, which makes the drama fascinating, but I don’t necessarily like the characters or the directing. I feel like there’s something there that really bothers me and I can’t put it into words, which was why I had to drop Voice. But whoa, this is really interesting. I have to admit that the first episode was a bit slow since the set up took a whole episode, but I feel like it’s setting up for a good run. It’s like another time travel drama with a crime plot. I feel like this is a mix of Signal and Tomorrow With You. I don’t know, is it unfair for me be comparing dramas or going into a drama having expectations based on other dramas?

So far, I don’t find the characters annoying and I’m actually quite intrigued by this. I know that all the dramas coming out right now are rather light, and I want a little heavier and more serious drama as usual. I think the set up that Kwang Ho managed to travel 30 years ahead of his time and can’t find a way back is really interesting. On a side note, I have a feeling that the murderer also went into the future with him. Is that obvious or is that something I just made up? It must be so disorienting to go 30 years ahead of your time because everything is just so different – all the new technology, new city developments, etc. It’s even weirder that everything seems to be set in stone for him. He has an identity, a home, and everything else, like he existed this whole time. I read in the comments that people on his team are actually the babies that he met back in 1986. I heard that Kim Sun Jae was the son of the newlywed mother who got killed by the serial killer and the criminal psychiatrist is actually his daughter. What a twist; I love it.


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