Tomorrow With You Review

I’m a little disappointed at the turnout of this drama. I felt like it had so much potential but the show never used the full potential it had. For a time traveling drama, there could be so much more to include, like they did in Signal. It used to be the drama I looked forward to watching every week, but after Strong Woman came out, it fell through the ranks. I felt like Tomorrow With You was really slow and full of fluff; nothing really happens in the middle chunk of the drama.

I really like the theme of time travel and living in the present, and not for the past or the future. Unlike Signal, I feel like this drama doesn’t clearly define its rules of time travel. I always wondered about past So Joon traveling to the same place, same time, multiple times and I’m glad the drama does address this point. I don’t really understand why So Joon couldn’t travel back to the present at the end, and the drama doesn’t really explain either. But other than that, it seems like some events can change, but other things won’t. Maybe it’s because the characters only use a small piece of information to change the future instead of knowing everything that’s happened. When you only account for one variable, something else changes (sort of like what happened in W). It seems like some things that were meant to happen will happen, like Director Kim killing Se Young’s dad was bound to happen, the variable in question was where. I guess if So Joon planned it better, he could have completely prevented it from happening. I don’t know why the characters aren’t completely honest with each other. Everyone is living a life of secrets and it’s those secrets that drive a wedge into all their relationships.

Honestly, the characters were the strongest points in this drama. I thought all the characters had depth and there was meaning behind everything. Ma Rin being a photographer was so she would “capture the presence” – something that both Ma Rin and So Joon had to learn. I really liked that Ma Rin was able to assess the situations that even So Joon can’t. He get really caught up because he learns about something that is going to happen in the future and panics. Ma Rin was first to realize that their problems stem from So Joon’s obsession with traveling into the future to make things right. I feel like he barely learns how time travel works and how to change the future no matter how many times he tries because he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. I still don’t really understand some of his actions, along with other characters, though. I don’t know why Ma Rin and Ki Doong decided to tell past So Joon to break up with Ma Rin since I don’t really see what good would come from that action/ I don’t think that would “put things in their rightful places”. I think it’s a good thing that he didn’t because I really wonder how the future would have changed if he actually did take their advice to heart.

I expected a love drama with the two characters learning to live in the present together, but I feel like the plot is all over the place. I felt like the plot point of So Joon and Ma Rin going back and forth between “I think our relationship was a mistake” and “I love you so much; I can’t live without you” was so repetitive. Maybe I’m just forgetting a huge chunk of this drama, but I felt like the second half of the drama was very focused on So Joon’s time traveling skills and how that became a problem in their lives. I feel like So Joon never really appreciated his time with Ma Rin until the very end where he gets stuck in the future and tries to go back to the present to no avail. A big chunk of the second half was also focused on Director Kim and how he became a murderer because he was greedy and envied So Joon for having everything in the world. I almost feel so bad for Gun Sook for marrying a guy like him. Although I don’t like Gun Sook either because she’s bratty and greedy as well, I don’t think she deserves to have a murderer as a husband. On a side note, I totally ship Gun Sook and the secretary.

I have to say, I absolutely love the ending though. I really liked that So Joon came back and the fact that he traveled to 2022 meant that he was going to survive. I really should have known that was foreshadowing, but I didn’t even make the connection while I was watching. My heart honestly torn into two when I realized that Ahjussi was the one who sacrificed his life for So Joon and Ma Rin’s future. In this whole drama, we’ve always been told that So Joon and Ma Rin were going to die together, but we never knew that Ahjussi would be with them. I feel like this goes back to the “if you escape death, death will come find you again” theme that we had in Goblin. I guess So Joon and Ma Rin will have to be careful in another 10 years because death will try to find them again. But who would have thought that Ahjussi was with them when they escaped death at the train station. I feel like his sacrifice was really meaningful because it reflects a parent’s love for their child. I felt like Ahjussi spent so many years trying to perfect Ma Rin’s future that he wasn’t able to live his life either. I’m still confused on when Ahjussi started time traveling and if that was the reason why he left Ma Rin and her mom. I felt like So Joon calling him “father” the day before the incident was foreshadowing that they (or one of them) probably wouldn’t survive. I just never expected the turnout to hit me in the heart that hard. I know nobody likes to talk about the incident, but I wonder if So Joon ever told Ma Rin about the truth that they were supposed to die and escaped death once again. It’s such a bittersweet moment because while I’m glad that our couple is okay, I’m so sad that they lost their futuristic guardian father.

3.75/5 – I’m having trouble deciding what to give this drama because it did fall short of my expectations, but I really liked the first two episodes and the last two episodes. It’s a beautiful love story of trying to perfect our lives, not by looking into the future, but by living in the present.


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