Defendant Review

The second half of this drama is definitely so much more action filled than the first half. I know I was so against the extension before, but I really liked how they filled in the two episodes since I didn’t feel like the story line was unnecesarily dragged out. I really liked how things came together and how things were revealed  in the second half – many more people are part of the case, people are a lot more corrupted than I thought they would be. I always believed in redemption, but I don’t think these characters can all be redeemed.

Cha Min Ho can be a pitiful character, but can never be redeemed. Everything he does actually stems from the lack of attention that he received from his father. That’s why he longed to be like his brother and live like him too. But this does not justify why he has to go around killing everyone who finds out about his identity. Just that one misstep in killing his brother lead to the death of so many others. He’s such a horrible person who loves to toy around everyone. I can’t believe his satisfaction in revealing his real identity and then kill them in the most brutal way possible by himself. This guy has no boundaries at all – the fact that he never hesitated to kill Ji Soo or Ha Yeon shows how cruel he can be. I mean, imagine if it was your kid! He was sweating bullets when he thought that Eun Soo and his “wife” was taken captive. At least our protagonist, Jung Woo knows when to stop. The other person I absolutely cannot forgive is Jun Hyuk. I know he redeemed himself and Jung Woo still sees the good in him, but Jung Woo is honestly too nice. The fact that he would rather give up his closest friend for the sake of his career says a lot. It was his fault for choosing for the wrong side in the first place. I don’t think I would ever be able to forgive someone like that.

Moving on to the other characters, I absolutely love Sung Kyu. I was so afraid that he was going to turn out to be the bad guy and I know he technically was the “bad guy” for being Min Ho’s henchmen, but at least Sung Kyu redeemed himself by saving Ha Yeon and keeping her safe instead of killing her like he was told to do so. I loved his character since he was cellmates with Jung Woo and my heart just broke when they had him killed. I’m still so mad that they never mentioned him in the last episode. He was an important character! Moving onto the rest of the cellmates, I feel like I’ve grown to love all of them so much. They’re so adorable! (I can’t get over Shin Chul Sik’s “I’m Optimus Prime” lol) I love how friendly they are and how much they look after each other, even helping each other escape prison together. The ending where they all got out of jail and met up was so heartwarming and I’m glad to see them together again. Besides that, I really liked how Eun Hye became more important in the second half of the drama, but she honestly didn’t really do anything at all, which is funny because I thought she was supposed to be one of the main characters but it seems like the cellmates had more presence than she did.

I know I never talked about Jung Woo, but I guess I really like that he held out to the end to prove his innocence and was even able to out-trick Min Ho. I really don’t have much to say about him because he is the main character and I feel like he should at least be able to outsmart the antagonist. Regarding the plot, I know this drama can get dark at some times, but I like that it wasn’t depressing all the way through. They manage to put in some humor and really cute scenes here and there (like the cellmates dancing to Cheer Up). I hated how much Min Ho toyed around with every character in his hands for most of the drama and I just wanted to knock some sense and justice into every character who sided with him. Half way through, I really wanted this drama to end because I couldn’t stand how out of hand Min Ho was getting.

3.5/5 – Overall, not bad. Sung Kyu’s last line before he dies, “When I get out, let me see Ha Yeon one last time” just drives a knife in my heart. Poor guy.


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