First Impressions: Radiant Office

Honestly, I’m a little iffy about this drama. I don’t really find it that interesting and appealing, but the first episode does do a good job of setting up the story and giving us a background on the characters. I do think that the main character, Ho Won and the other two people she met at the hospital who attempted suicide as well were really interesting. I never expected Hoya to be in this drama (and I find it so weird how the main character’s name is Ho Won when Hoya’s in this drama because I keep thinking about him when I heard Ho Won). I really like the character dynamic – 3 people who barely lands a job and finds out that one of them has a terminal illness, meanwhile another character has everything that they’ve dreamed of.

I’m still keeping with my thoughts of this being an iffy drama because I don’t know what to feel about watching another office drama, since Chief Kim is still running. Sometimes, these office dramas are just too realistic for me and it hits a little too close to home when we talk about failure and success. I’ll give it some time though, since the first episode is way too early to judge. Besides, I need something to fill up my Wed-Thurs after Chief Kim finishes in a few weeks.


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