Missing 9 Review

Note: Spoilers ahead
I’m a little sad that Missing 9 is ending. I actually thought it was a pretty good drama, though I know a lot of people will disagree because of the untimely humor and the fillers in the episodes. I agree that the humor is a bit untimely because they try to do silly things in urgent situations. I have to admit that this all depends on my mood. When I’m really relaxed while watching dramas, I wouldn’t really care what the drama is about. I actually liked the humor in this drama, especially when they were on the deserted island. It’s not like anything they do will help them get rescued and I thought it was more important to just live in the present and just make the best out of the situation. I mean, if you think about it, Tae Ho became a murderer because he thought so much about the past and the future. He wanted to be the one who lived and didn’t care about other people. So Hee was killed because she was always so hung up on the past and knew that she wouldn’t survive because of Tae Ho.

I really liked that this drama wasn’t all just about being stranded on an island. There was so much more to it because of the history between the characters. Besides Tae Ho being a serial killer on the island, there was also a motive behind what he was doing, which related to Jae Hyun’s death in the past. When it was revealed that Vice President was actually the one who killed Jae Hyun, instead of Tae Ho doing all the dirty deed, it was really a turning point for how I thought of Tae Ho. He could have been the good guy, but Vice President made him into a bad one and now he can’t stop. I honestly still believe that theory that the Vice President was the one behind the plane crash. Just think about all those people that he could have killed and therefore shut their mouths on what had happened. By getting rid of the president, Vice President could become president. Tae Ho could have exposed him anytime by turning himself in. So Hee had evidence against him. And the other people are, well, casualties. The drama wasn’t so much about plot, as it was about character relationships and development.

I really liked Joon Oh as a character. Though he does seem like an airhead at times, he has a lot of faith in people around him. I really liked that he never gave up on Tae Ho – no matter what evil Tae Ho has done, he always gave Tae Ho another chance. I honestly wished that Joon Oh killed Tae Ho when he had the chance to, but that would also make Joon Oh a murderer, which defeats the whole purpose of his character. I hated how invincible Tae Ho was – he could literally fall off a cliff and still manage to survive. Also, when everyone betrayed Joon Oh, he still managed to get everyone to side with him again. After learning that Tae Ho wasn’t the one who killed Jae Hyun and that every action pretty much stemmed from that incident, I actually felt a little bad for Tae Ho. He obviously does have a conscience, but he cares a little too much about how the public thinks of him, especially since he is a celebrity. Although Bong Hee never really did anything besides keep everyone else alive on the island, she is a symbol of justice. She was the only one who stood up for Joon Oh and stuck with her words about events that happened on the island. Everyone else was so easily threatened and manipulated.

But if you actually think about it, the female characters in this drama were all very strong characters. Ji Ah, though she could be a bit clueless sometimes, always has her own opinions and isn’t so easily swayed by anyone. I really liked that part where she spoke her own opinion instead of siding with Tae Ho just because they were dating. So Hee wasn’t afraid of anything either – she played with death by putting herself on the line, knowing that she would be threatened if she opened her mouth. It’s what got her killed, but at least she stood up for herself and spoke her thoughts. Not to mention, I actually thought that her character was a bit weird/heartless because Vice President killed her boyfriend, but she could still be smiling after that? And using that fact as leverage to get a role in the drama she wants? What?

I actually thought Bong Hee and Joon Oh’s relationship was super cute. It always felt like they had feelings for each other, but the fact that the writer didn’t put in an actual love line makes their relationship more meaningful. It puts more emphasis on trust and comfort between friendships. And the best thing you can do at time of crises is to have some faith in humanity, trust others, and have a laugh or two.

4/5 – I enjoyed this drama a little bit more than I should have.


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