Mid-Series Review: Tomorrow With You

I’ve expressed how much I loved this drama in the past, but I feel like all that excitement is gone and I’m just left with frustration over the character’s actions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about the characters, not the actors/actresses or the plot. I still love the theme of fate and the importance of living in the present, rather than focusing on the future. I’m starting to see how my theory about how changing the future doesn’t work because things that are fated to happen will happen is coming true. I feel like we’re going into a very dark tunnel as So Joon and Doo Shik try to change their futures to no avail, messing up their own lives in the process.

I really don’t understand So Joon sometimes. He meets Ma Rin in the future, who tells him to stop Se Young from moving to Japan, but he never takes this advice. It makes me wonder what would have changed if he did. Maybe future Ma Rin would have had more insight. I wonder if he ever thinks about his encounters in the future and uses that information to his advantage, since it seems like he doesn’t. It kind of bothers me how he knows about something that’s about to happen, but never bothers to ask why or how. Future Ki Doong tells So Joon to break up with Ma Rin as soon as possible, but So Joon never bothers to ask why or what happened. Is he not curious? Because I think asking information like that would really help if you were really wanting to change the future.

In my opinion, I don’t expect a good ending. I feel like the car accident leading up to their deaths in 2019 is unavoidable. So Joon and Ma Rin always talk about how they escaped death during the train accident where they both got off right before the accident took place. I don’t think it’s that they “escaped” death and therefore were “missing souls” per se, but were fated to live through the accident. Their death in 2019 is probably fated as well and they’re supposed to die at that time no matter what. I recall future So Joon telling present day So Joon to “make things work with her”, not just in the sense to marry her, but to actually live and appreciate life with her. I feel like future So Joon actually regrets going into the future so much, trying to correct his future by avoiding death that he hasn’t been able to live a happy life with the person he loves. I really hope he realizes this soon because I think that’s the main takeaway. I don’t even mind if they die in the end, as long as they get to appreciate what they have in their lives.


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