Strong Woman Do Bong Soon First Impressions

Love love love. The cast and the plot in this drama is just perfect because Jisoo. Although I wish he was the main lead, I still love Park Bo Young and Hyungsik nonetheless. Unlike the other dramas that I’ve been watching, this one doesn’t seem to be as dark. I was actually looking forward to a fluffy drama when I first started this, but it is still about catching criminals. There are some disturbing and creepy scenes, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about because the rest of the drama is just cute and squeal worthy. I squeal whenever Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) fawns over Kook Doo (Jisoo) because I’m literally doing the same thing behind my screen. I’m only sad because I know she won’t end up with Kook Doo. I find it so funny (so attractive) when Bong Soon tells something sweet to Kook Doo over the fun and he just coldly replies “Okay, bye.” Even though I know she’ll end up with Min Hyuk (Hyungsik) in the end, I still find their pairing squeal worthy. Love it!


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