February in Review

Another month has flown by and I think I’m more focused on dramas than doing my readings for school. I mean, it’s actually great to have something to motivate you to do homework since I always tell myself that I have to finish all my readings before I watch any dramas. Just a little something to look forward to everyday.

You might be wondering why Voice is crossed out in the “Currently Watching” section of the sidebar. Here’s the story: After episode 5, I decided that I couldn’t put up with the ridiculous stubbornness of the characters and Jang Hyuk’s acting. I don’t know if it’s his acting or his character, but something just really ticks me off. I still haven’t decided whether I want to continue with this drama through recaps or just drop it completely. It’s not all that captivating to me since I have other dramas to fall back on now.

So let’s start off with Defendant. This drama is just really frustrating to me because nobody likes to talk to each other and nobody wants to listens to one another either. I’m so mad that they gave this drama a 2 episode extension because I just want this drama to end asap. I’m so tired of Cha Min Ho playing around with everyone around him, letting them find out his identity and then proceed to kill them. I don’t know why people are even siding with him and even willing to do the dirty work for him. He asks so much of his underlings that it’s only a matter of time before all of them break. And at this point, we’re just waiting for the rest of the characters to catch onto what’s going on. It gets me so uptight when Jung Woo is about to lose his memory again (I literally have the same face and reaction as the rest of his inmates do when they think he’s about to lose his mind again). In the recent episodes, we’re starting to see a turnaround; I hope we don’t have any filler episodes because of the extension.

Missing 9 is another frustrating drama because it’s about injustice and uncovering the real truth. Powerful and influential people always get it their way – majority means that the lies could become the truth. I also didn’t know that an entertainment company could have so much power, but I’m really happy that Seo Joon Oh is alive after all. Not surprising since he has to be alive for the story to progress but I’m happy regardless. It’s about time for Joon Oh to set everything straight again and control Tae Ho. I don’t understand how invincible Tae Ho is – he literally fell of the cliff and still survived. But I also thought his connection with Jae Hyun was really interesting since he wouldn’t have been famous if not for Jae Hyun’s voice. I don’t even know why the vice preside (now the president) is helping Tae Ho out. I’d take a good person over a profitable person any day. Hopefully President Hwang would wake up in time and also talk some sense into everyone else in the company.

Chief Kim is a fun watch – pretty much a fluffier and funnier version of Misaeng. I personally like Missing 9 a lot more and watch that drama before I watch this one on Wed-Thurs, though Chief Kim is starting to get serious. I really liked how Chief Kim went from being on the executive’s side to not being on any sides to being on the Business Operation team’s side. It seems like he’s following his father’s path to being a righteous man, even though he had no intentions to do so in the first place. Unlike the others who follow their superior’s orders like sheep, I really like that Chief Kim actually tries to stand up for himself and his team. Sometimes, I wish that his team members wouldn’t hold him back from fighting with his superiors since we never know what fun scenes we would have been left with. On a side note, I honestly hope the Seo Yul isn’t as evil as we thought he was supposed to be and that he’s actually working undercover. Is that too much to ask?

I really look forward to Tomorrow With You every week because I was just waiting for the moment where So Joon reveals his time traveling powers to Ma Rin. It’s true that he does keep a lot of secrets from Ma Rin and sometimes, I wish he would just come clean about everything. I’m glad he is opening up to her because those lies were driving a wedge into their relationship. Honestly, I still don’t understand why he rushed to get married with her since he could have just waited and worked things out that way. After comments about how So Joon faked his love for Ma Rin, I’m always doubting myself on whether his affection is real or not. In my eyes, I always saw that he genuinely cares for her and loves her, and his love can only get bigger. I read a lot of comments about how people thought the drama was a bit boring (I mean, it’s nothing compared to Goblin, but Goblin was a pretty slow drama as well). I read someone’s comment about how this drama is about Ma Rin being too caught up in the past and So Joon being too caught up in the future that they both don’t live in the present. Ma Rin is also a photographer in this drama because she’s supposed to “capture the present”. I don’t think I could’ve phrased it in any better way, but it perfectly summarized why I enjoy watching this drama.

Last month, I skipped the variety section because I wasn’t watching anything variety related. This month, I tried my hand on several shows, watching a few episodes here and there, featuring my favorite “idols” and actors/actresses.

Shows I enjoy watching:
Knowing Brother
I Live Alone

I don’t really know why I like I Live Alone so much because it honestly can be a bit boring, even though it gives viewers a scope of how a celebrity lives. I don’t always find a celebrity’s life interesting because they don’t really do anything when they don’t have schedules. But what I do like about it is that it gives me fantasies on my future house and how to decorate it. I think it’s interesting to see how people use space in their homes.

I also started Sister’s Slam Dunk and I’m excited for the new season, since I finally have something to watch for Sunday.

Song Releases:
Crucial Star – You Can Rest
Jung Joon Young – Me And You
BTS – Spring Day
KARD – Don’t Recall

If you’re curious what my study music is this month, it’s Crucial Star’s You Can Rest and BTS’ Spring Day, though a bunch of other BTS songs work too, namely I Need You, Run, Young Forever, and Save Me.


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