Chief Kim First Impressions

I’m late to the party, but Chief Kim has been dominating in the ratings for the Wed-Thurs dramas. Honestly, this drama isn’t 100% my style, though I do love the humor at times. Similar to Missing 9, I do find that there is a good mix of humor and serious tones. Though it’s not a matter of life and death, it is about ethics and greed.

When I first started this drama, I was immediately reminded of Misaeng, but Misaeng has a more serious tone and has a lot more realistic situations that people can easily connect to. I honestly thought it was a bit frustrating how they would make light of a serious topic, but the humor just started to grow on me after watching a few episodes. I could understand that people didn’t like Missing 9 because they were make light of a life and death situation, but even that grew on me. This is a ridiculously funny drama – even more ridiculous than Missing 9 and I’m adding it to my watching list.

I’m really torn between deciding whether the characters are supposed to be protagonists or antagonists. I find them all so lovable because they’re entertaining and manage to pull of funny antics even if they’re supposed to be the antagonists. I find it really funny how everyone in the drama is obsessed with winking and eating in every single scene. I really didn’t like the finance director, Seo Yul in the start because he seemed evil (or he is evil), but I can’t help but laugh whenever he comes up. His moments with Sung Ryong are pure gold and isn’t it adorable that he has a little crush on Assistant Manager Yoon? I ship them so hard. I just can’t get mad at my Junho, no matter what role he plays. He’s so adorable! And can we all just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful his skin and on fleek his eyebrows are? Nam Goong Min is perfect for his role as Sung Ryong,which is quite similar to his previous role in Beautiful Gong Shim – always doing the silliest things and eating convenience store food. I do love that he’s always torn about his situations between being Mr. Righteous and pocketing money. He’s awfully smart and tries his best to get out of his situations by doing the most ridiculous things. The fact that he always comes out as Mr. Righteous no matter what he does, shows that he is Mr. Righteous at heart.


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