Mid-series Review: Defendant

It’s about time to do a mid-series review as the show is climbing towards its climax. For Defendant, I think there’s a long way to go because the whole drama is probably going to be about this case and how the protagonists fight against power and selfishness. I just really want to knock some sense into all the characters and have them help Jung Woo out for once.

This drama gives me so much anxiety because I know that Jung Woo is not the murderer, but all evidence points to him because the prosecutors and the rich/powerful people always get what they want. I know Jung Woo is also rich and powerful, but he’s not in this case because everyone has turned their backs on him and he needs to protect his daughter. Even his best friend, Jun Hyuk, decided to pursue a promotion than help out his friend. He was present on the day of the murder, but decides to cover up his tracks by manipulating evidence. I don’t understand why he’s so scared if he wasn’t the murderer. Someone needs to knock some sense into this guy. How can you put your promotion above your best friend? Okay, they can’t even be friends after this whole incident since belongs in jail and deserves the worst. I feel so bad for Jung Woo because there’s no one he can honestly trust. I don’t really understand why the head prosecutor and head warden guy are helping Cha Min Ho. Just because he’s the president of a conglomerate doesn’t mean that he can personally watch interviews and have his hand on evidences. Part of me just wants his underlings to come out and tell the whole world what happened. Aren’t you guys tired of cleaning up after Min Ho?

Talking about whom, I honestly think that Min Ho is the dumbest villain I’ve ever met. He has the power, which is frustrating, but he’s human enough to leave traces of his own identity. Signing his own name instead of his brother’s name, his fear of sharp objects, not recognizing important people are things that will eventually lead to his downfall. It’s hard to live as someone else even if you guys look alike – I hope he regrets his actions. Every time someone uncovers his identity, I just have a need to scream at him, “What, are you going to kill them now?” And he actually does. He can’t cover up everything by killing everyone just because they know a little too much. What is his murder count even up to now? I lost count already.

On the other hand, I’m glad that Jung Woo is starting to be suspicious of everyone around him, paying close attention to the head of the warden and his previous boss. I actually find it funny that the head warden is so sick of Min Ho’s orders. I hope he gives up his promotions to put Min Ho in his rightful spot. But honestly, if not for Jung Woo’s memory loss, this whole case would have been over with already. So many people we never expected are involved in the case – Shin Chul Sik and Sung Gyu, but since nobody wants to reveal their hand, we’re just always stuck in the same spot until Jung Woo remembers something. For goodness sake, just communicate!! I hate that we’re given little pieces of information ever so slowly and as you can tell, I’m frustrated because I want to know the truth, but that’s the beauty of watching this whole drama unravel.


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