Mid-Series Review: Missing 9

I think of all the dramas I’m keeping up with right now, Missing 9 is the most relaxing drama. I know we’re dealing with a life and death situation here, but the show doesn’t get me on the edge of my seat, screaming at the screen, or rolling my eyes out of frustration with the characters. I enjoy the light tone, which is why I come back every week. I could see realistic and unrealistic parts in this drama. The unrealistic part being that almost everyone comes out alive from the plane crash. The realistic part is that being stranded on the island brings the worst – and maybe the best – out of people.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

At this point, I’m not sure whether I should be predicting what happened and who came back out alive. Bong Hee says she remembers everything that’s happened, but we don’t know the whole story yet. She’s not telling us whether the others are alive or not either, which means that at some point, there was a rift and they all went different ways. Or maybe the show is just hiding it from us, just for…show.

I honestly love Bong Hee as a character. I’ll be really sad to learn that she’s actually not the good person we thought she was (I really hope not, but it would be an interesting twist). And am I the only one who’s shipping her with Joon Oh? I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a love line in this drama, but I also appreciate that the drama focuses more on friendship even in times of despair. I love how she stays optimistic and tries to keep the whole group together instead of being selfish like most of the other people on the island. Her words to So Hee are will always be engraved in my heart: It’s meaningless to survive alone. You shouldn’t abandon others to run away and survive by yourself. What’s the point of surviving if there’s no one else with you?

I know So Hee is a really selfish character who always puts herself first, but I really hate that just when she finally sees the good in humanity, Tae Ho kills her. I feel like she holds the key to all their problems. We know that Joon Oh was blamed for the suicide of their songwriter, but it actually wasn’t his fault. It’s another one of Tae Ho’s “mistakes”. I feel bad for So Hee for never finding out the truth before she died. Sad, I really wanted to see more of her.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised because Tae Ho’s on a killing spree on this island. He only thinks of himself and believes that other people are obstructing his success for survival. Now that he’s come back alive, he’s still trying to cover up his tracks and not let on that he was a murderer because he’s the celebrity after all. He’s obviously working with the vice president of Legend Ent. But why? Who is this vice president and why is he backing Tae Ho up? I’m almost positive that this vice president is behind everything. Maybe he even set up this whole plane crash to get rid of the existing president and Tae Ho is in on the plan.

It definitely frustrates me to know that even the head investigator is siding with Tae Ho because he’s more of use to them. It doesn’t matter what the truth is, as long as they are at an advantage. I think it’s pretty interesting; I didn’t think that entertainment companies would have that big of a control on investigators, police, and prosecutors. Hopefully Bong Hee will get it her way through the help of Prosecutor Yoon, and maybe some more survivors will pop up, as long as Tae Ho doesn’t get to them first.


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