Defendant First Impressions

First of all, whoa. I came into the drama not really knowing what to expect, not even knowing what it was about, but whoa. Just for a debrief, it’s about a prosecutor who finds himself sentenced to death for killing his family members, but he has no memories of it. We obviously know that he’s innocent and that a suspect in another murder case had done the deed and just wanted to cover his tracks after a big identity switcheroo with his twin brother.

I am absolutely terrified of Cha Min Ho, who is the person behind everything. This person would go to any extent to save himself, even if it means to kill his brother and take his identity. I thought it was really cool how they actually had the same person play both roles. I actually thought that they were different people at first because of the hair. It’s always the hair and I have a bad habit of identifying people by their hair. The one thing I really don’t understand is how their father doesn’t recognize that his own sons did a switcheroo, but Sun Ho’s wife knows right away. I also feel so bad for Ji Sung’s character, Park Jung Woo. He’s innocent, has no memories, but only repeats that lovely last memory he has of his wife and child. And the fact that he’s basically a scapegoat since everyone just wants to close up the case so that the prosecutors’ image wouldn’t be ruined is so sad. Plus the fact that rich people always have the connections and power to manipulate information angers me so much. I’m not really loving Yuri’s character, but I have faith that she will be able to prove that Jung Woo is innocent. I know I’ll be really frustrated when things don’t go smoothly (since rich people always have the money and power), but I’m expecting a good drama.


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