January in Review

Oh January, a month of new changes. It seemed almost like yesterday when I moved my blog onto this new site. It’s been an exciting and busy month, not just from customizing and perfecting this site to the way I want it to be, but I also started new dramas, ended old ones. I’ve decided to start doing first impressions, but the thing is, I don’t always have a lot to say after the first or two episodes, so I would recommend always coming back to these monthly updates where I would be able to express more opinions. Also, let me know if weekly reviews are a good idea, so that I’m constantly updating and expressing my opinions on the episodes that just aired. Just a friendly reminder that my reviews will now have spoilers, so if you didn’t watch it/don’t want the ending to be spoiled, don’t read the reviews yet!

Let’s start with Weightlifting Fairy, the lightest drama I’ve ever watched. I watched most of the drama, but I don’t think it’s something I would watch again. There was nothing to complain about; the plot wasn’t dramatic and there was nothing worth criticizing. It was just happy – sunshine and rainbows from the beginning to the end. The romance, friendship, overall drama was cute and sweet.

Next we have Goblin, one of my favorite dramas of all time. I’m super sad that it ended, but I’m glad there was a good ending. For the whole drama, I was afraid of Eun Tak pulling out the sword, but after it was pulled out, I wished Goblin to not come back. I actually don’t understand what his coming back means since he’s not a Goblin anymore right? He’s just an immortal God living on Earth. When Eun Tak goes through all four stages of her life, he’ll still be there as the lonely and shining God. Why couldn’t he have come back as a human like the Grim Reaper? There’s so many more things that I don’t quite understand from the ending, like why Eun Tak could see ghosts again. But anyway, I love all the characters and I’ll miss them dearly, especially you, Grim Reaper.

Legend of the Blue Sea also ended. Although I wish it was a bit shorter (aka just 16 episodes), I loved the humor and how the characters were able to change the fate that was written out for them in their past lives. It was satisfying to see the bad guys pay for their wrong doings, but I really wished for a happily ever after without Cheong having to go away for the last part of the drama. Again, stretching dramas for unnecessary reasons.

I started Voice. I’m really having doubts on this drama because while it is quite captivating, I’m afraid that it would get repetitive. I usually love police dramas and I sincerely want to know the ending, but I don’t know if I could sit through all those episodes of the woman giving out orders and the other police guy running around trying to catch criminals for the whole drama. The police force in this drama is so annoying, I find myself screaming at them because their actions are so stupid. The only thing that really keeps me continuing this drama is the cliffhangers. I can’t handle it when the episode ends right before something is about to happen.

I’m really looking forward to Missing 9. It’s a different drama than what we’re used to because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drama about being stranded on an island. I’m expecting there to be some Lord of the Flies aspects in it, except that these people all know each other and there’s more loyalty and drama going on between these characters even before they came into this situation. I already dislike Tae Ho because of how selfish he is compared to others, but I have to praise all the characters for being very distinctive and strong characters. I’m a little confused on whether the events that we’re being shown are from Bong Hee’s point of view or what really happened. I don’t always trust what I see because if it is Bong Hee’s point of view, there would be a lot of inconsistencies and I’m expecting plot twists of some sort since her memory is faulty. It’s been an interesting watch and I’m sure it will continue to be.

Most recently, I’ve been looking for more dramas to watch because I don’t know what to do on my free time, so I also started Defendant. Overall, I think it’s off to a good start; I can’t help but be reminded of Secret whenever I watch this drama because of Ji Sung. While he was the rich guy accusing the innocent girl of being a murderer in that drama, he’s now the innocent prosecutor being accused by, well, everyone. I think it’ll be a very rough road ahead to prove his innocence and I hope I can stick out until the end to see some justice being played out.

Song Releases:
Jia – Who’s That Girl
Though I know it’s a Chinese release, I love this song of reflection. The words speak so loud to me and I’m sure it does to others as well.

2NE1 – Goodbye
I’m sad to be bidding 2NE1 goodbye, officially. It’s been a great 8 years and though I’m no longer a big fan of 2NE1 anymore, I’ll still remember days when I loved the and for the record, Park Bom’s You And I is still my favorite song.

Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam – Cave Me In
I’ve been looking forward to this song ever since Tablo shared a sneak peak on his Snapchat.

Other News:
Rain & Kim Tae Hee got married!
IOI disbands.
Wonder Girls to disband.


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