Legend of the Blue Sea Review

I loved this drama from the start because of how funny it was, but I felt like it was way too long for my liking. I really enjoyed how quirky the mermaid was as well as the romance in this drama, but when it came to the actual problem (Joon Jae being pursued by a killer who happens to be his stepmom’s lover), I suddenly became so frustrated because I felt uncomfortable that the characters were living their happy lives knowing that there was a killer trying to get them. While the drama focused so much on developing Joon Jae and Sim Cheong’s relationship, the other storyline somewhat lost its way and started crawling back in the later half of the drama. The villains are so scary, frustrating, and super creepy that I just want the bad days to be over with and the happy ending to come asap.

I thought the saddest part was that the step brother, Chi Hyun turned over to the dark side as well. I had faith in him since the beginning that he was going to be an angel and actually help his step father out by stopping his evil mother from doing all these bad things. I’m a little disappointed that he didn’t get to pay for his sins since he decided to kill himself instead, but it was consistent with his character. At least his last words to his mother was satisfying. I was also really creeped out by Nam Doo, who had potential to be a bad guy and the drama made it seem like he was the betrayer. But when he came out to be the good guy, my heart was just so relieved. “You’re the good guy after all!”

The plot wasn’t anything special because it was pretty cliche and similar to You From the Stars (yes, I know, same writer) with the concept of superhuman beings and having a killer on the loose after one of the main characters. I always expected some cliche kdrama plot points to happen such as the noble idiocy or truck of doom (I roll my eyes whenever I see this happen). I really liked that the drama showed a historical storyline that corresponded to present day events. I thought it was hilarious how everyone in the drama had the same dream and saw their past lives. It was also interesting how they brought up the theme that the past repeats itself and it’s just fate that these things happen. At the same time, it’s a chance for them to go against fate because they know what happened in the past.

I have to admit that the humor and romance was the best part of the drama. The part where Sim Cheong learns to live a normal life had me rolling on the floor laughing because she takes everything literally. I really liked the romance between Joon Jae and Sim Cheong and thought it was hilarious how Joon Jae could hear Sim Cheong’s inner voice but Sim Cheong couldn’t hear Joon Jae’s. Isn’t that a bit unfair? I also thought it was hilarious how Joon Jae didn’t freak out over Sim Cheong’s identity. He simply thought, “Oh this girl is weird anyway. It makes sense that she’s a mermaid.” I thought it was really sweet how Sim Cheong tried to change the fate written in the olden days but saving Joon Jae this time. It made sense because Joon Jae wouldn’t survive a bullet wound like that but Sim Cheong would. I didn’t like the plot point where she had to return to the sea at the end of the drama because it seemed like they were just trying to stretch out the plot and throw another problem into the story. I’m glad that it ended well and all the characters become good people. It was just a beautiful love story in the end.

3.5/5 – Loved the humor, loved the romance. I want to live by the sea in the middle of nowhere now.


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