Goblin Review

I recall being so confused in my first impressions, but I’m glad I stuck with it because it was a great drama. I honestly loved the first half of the drama because it was humorous but the second half the drama was a little slow for my liking. This drama does a lot of unnecessary lingering shots to drag on that hour or hour and a half, which slows the pacing of the whole drama. I understand that these lingering shot show the character’s emotions and everything, but I actually tend to skip through it because I don’t want to sit through the characters crying and pondering about their life. Not to mention, there are so many repeating flashbacks. The same scene gets shown about five times in different episodes, which I think is a bit unnecessary. I get that it’s so we understand the plot in the right order, but I’m sure we can piece together all the events that happened.

I loved the plot so much because it’s not just about the Goblin looking for his bride and returning to death, it’s about a love that can never be and I love dramas that have to do with life and death. A lot of people have complained about the age gap between Eun Tak and the Goblin, but no matter how old Eun Tak is, she could never compare to how old the Goblin is. I do have to admit that because Eun Tak just turned into an adult in the drama, she’s pretty childish but I feel like it really fits her character. I absolutely love the Grim Reaper and Sunny. I thought it so sad how the king lived his whole life thinking that nobody loved him and killed everyone, thinking that they were threats to his throne. I’m happy that the grim reaper got his memories back, knowing the mistakes and sins that he’s committed, be forgiven by those around him, as well as forgiving himself. I really liked the bromance between Goblin and Grim Reaper. Silly scenes like them fighting with forks and knives, learning how to use a cell phone, and the glorious walk to buy onions were hilarious.

I didn’t expect the drama to get so dark because it was such a light drama in the beginning, though we all knew that the Goblin was to die in later episodes. I would be fine if the drama ended with the Goblin returning to ashes because that was the whole point of the drama. The other characters could have just moved on with their lives, remembering the Goblin in their hearts. I actually didn’t like that they wiped everyone’s memories and brought him back to extend the plot. I seriously cried when I found out that the Grim Reaper and Sunny still remembered everything that happened. I love that though the almighty believes that oblivion is a gift, all the characters choose not to live in oblivion because it’s even more torturous and being able to remember is the ultimate gift.The last episode really tore my heart apart. I didn’t expect death to come upon the other two human characters, but it fit with the theme so well. It’s all about saying goodbyes and moving on with life, hoping to meet again in their next lives if fate allows them to. And now it’s time for me to move on with my life and say my goodbyes to Goblin.

I absolutely loved the OST’s in this drama. Here are a few of my favorite:
1. Sam Kim – Who Are You
2. Chanyeol x Punch – Stay With Me
3. Kim Kyung Hee – And I’m here
4. Crush – Beautiful
5. Roy Kim – Heaven

4.5/5 – The ultimate heart-wretcher. Just needed to share: I loved watching Goblin so much that I dreamed about being a grim reaper and helping people fulfill their last requests before they die. I’ll miss you the most, Grim Reaper.


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