Missing 9 First Impressions

I’ve been waiting for this drama to come out because Jung Kyung Ho is in it! People have said that Missing 9 is just a Korean rip-off version of Lost, but I haven’t seen Lost so I can’t really judge or say anything about it. I had my doubts on this drama, but I’m really intrigued and really just want to know what happens.

Since Bong Hee was the only person who came back to Korea alive, I’m actually really scared to find out that everyone else died. I’m hoping that’s actually not what happened, but we’ll have to watch to find out. I also don’t really like that the drama jumps back and forth between present day and what happened. I understand that it’s Bong Hee telling the story, but I feel like it’s a little confusing when we have two timelines. I honestly find it so weird that Bong Hee is telling this story from the beginning to the end since don’t people who lose their memories usually get their memories back in bits and pieces? It’s a little unrealistic, but I appreciate it because this makes it a lot easier for us to understand the story and watch it unfold.

I expected this drama to be dark and menacing, but there were some humor and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, which makes it a great drama. I’m definitely continuing this one, not just for the actors and actresses, but most importantly, for the plot.


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