Voice First Impressions

I’ve been on the search to find a new drama to watch, so I started OCN’s new Sat & Sun drama called Voice. As a typical OCN drama, it’s about solving crimes. I believe OCN has the best criminal solving dramas (see: Bad Guys) and Voice does seem to be off to a good start as well.

In terms of plot, the first episode was really scary to me and I was so afraid that I was going to have nightmares because I was watching this drama late at night. I was reading the comments, and everyone was talking about how they already know who the serial killer who killed the main character’s wife is. And my question is, exactly how do you know?? I guess I’m just really bad at deducing things and drawing conclusions. I feel like this drama is going to be similar to Signal or pretty much any crime solving drama except this time, the female lead has special abilities to hear things. Talking about which, I actually don’t really like the female lead and didn’t like her since High School King of Savvy.

I’m actually not sure whether I’ll continue watching or not, but I am always down for crime solving dramas. I’m really curious as to who the killer is and the drama has already gotten me on the edge of my seat, but it might be a little too scary for my liking, I don’t know yet.


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