Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Review

Not sure if I’m really qualified to write a review for this drama when I’ve only actually watched a few episodes, but I’ll do it anyway. I’ve read recaps for the whole thing, but also have watched bits and pieces of episodes because I feel like the humor and other little small things don’t always translate well. Since I didn’t start this drama when it first came out, I really just wanted to be caught up to date without having to binge watch the whole thing, which I absolutely hate doing.

I absolutely loved how funny this drama was. The sound effects and music just come together to make this such a light drama (that “WHAT!” sound effect was the funniest of all). This drama was a pretty nice story about youth and success. We get to see how hard everyone trains just for the one competition that will determine their future. This drama somewhat reminds me of Sassy Go Go because of the themes of success and failures, which makes me tear up every time because it’s so relatable. The familial and friendship struggles that every character in the drama faces are so realistic. Personal struggles, such as insecurities are also noted. Although Bok Joo loves weightlifting, she doesn’t want anyone she likes to see her during competitions because she’s afraid that she looks ugly. And while weightlifting means that she will be muscular and look less feminine, I’m glad that Joon Hyung understands and overlooks that, though I wish Bok Joo would actually learn to embrace that that’s who she is. Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s romance is super cute and sweet, but at some points, I did find it a bit cringe-y.

I also love how supportive the coaches were (Coach Choi is my favorite); any drama with the best teachers/coaches always get to me. As for the characters, I honestly thought that Joon Hyung’s character was annoying for most of the drama. His teasing and actions sound so annoying when described in words, but while watching these things happen, it doesn’t always look annoying and is actually really funny. His actions are rather justified because Bok Joo actually falls for him, as do we. It would be a lie to say that Joon Hyung didn’t make my heart flutter. I found him more likeable as I watched more, though I still skipped over all the episodes where he was teasing and making fun of Bok Joo.

I thought Bok Joo’s character was a bit annoying as well, though I feel like her character just needs a little getting used to. I personally don’t like the way she talks and acts sometimes, like how she hits people so much and her signature “swag”. I know it’s cute when she does it with her friends, but I thought it was a little annoying the first time I saw it. It kind of scared me how much Bok Joo and her friends can eat. I understand that they’re weightlifters, but that amount of food disgusted me a bit. Bok Joo’s friends are the cutest dynamics ever; I absolutely love Nam Hee, but I also thought it was a funny how Bok Joo was a whole head taller than her friends. Otherwise, I loved Bok Joo and the way Lee Sung Kyung portrayed her was so on point.

4/5 – Overall great drama; characters were adorable, romance was too cute and the plot was really relatable.


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