Year In Review: Kpop Edition

As you all might know, I’m not that big on Kpop anymore even though I did intend on being a big kpop fangirl on this blog. I have become more of a drama person this year, but I still try to keep up with new songs even though I’m not as crazy as I used to be. So here, I want to talk about my favorite comebacks this year, my favorite collabs, my favorite albums, my favorite OST’s and my favorite debuts.

Before I start, I just want to talk about how so many groups have disbanded or members have left. I was reading an article about it and it just made me realize how long 2016 was. Although I always say it’s expected that members leave and groups disband, it still breaks my heart to see it happen because it’s like losing a friendship you’ve had for the past 7 years.

Favorite Debuts:
KARD – Oh NaNa
IOI – Whatta Man
I know many more groups debuted this year, like Black Pink and NCT, but I wasn’t really interested in new groups. I don’t really feel excitement when I see new groups or new songs because I find that many concepts are very repetitive and nobody really stands out. I do feel that KARD is the group that stands out the most because they are co-ed and this song that they released was pretty good. Though it’s not their actual debut song, I probably will look forward to their official debut in 2017. I also wasn’t a big fan of IOI, but I do like this song.

Favorite Collabs:
DEAN x Crush x Jeff Bernat – what2do
Zico x Crush x DEAN – Bermuda Triangle

Favorite Albums:
BTS – Young Forever Album
BAP – Noir Album
BTS’s album is actually my work playlist. While some people like to listen to soothing music, I find that BTS helps me think and helps me keep track of time as well. I easily block out the noises from people around me and focus on what I do.

Favorite OST’s:
Davichi – This Love
Mad Clown x Kim Na Young – Once Again
Chanyeol x Punch – Stay With Me
Crush – Beautiful
I think I’m being so biased because the first two OST’s are from DOTS and the next two are from Goblin. I have to admit that good dramas do have good OST’s though.

Favorite Comebacks:
GFriend – Rough
Ladies Code – Galaxy
Jung JoonYoung – Sympathy
Babylon – Between Us
BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears


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