Year In Review: Variety Edition

Following the K-drama edition is the variety edition, where I’ll be talking about variety shows I’ve watched, mainly Show Me The Money, Unpretty Rapstar, and Sister Slam Dunk. Among these, I’ve watched several episodes of other shows, but since I don’t those shows in its entirety, I don’t think I have the right to talk about it. And since I don’t watch that many variety shows, I don’t have a lot to talk about either.

To start off, my favorite variety show is obviously Sister’s Slam Dunk. I loved that they had a set cast and it was overall very interesting and entertaining. I hope there is a second season with an awesome cast because I’m totally down to watch another season, even if it’s a different cast. I’m pretty sad that I don’t have a show to watch on the weekends when I finished all dramas and don’t have extra work to do. Sister’s Slam Dunk was a really nice comic relief from a tiring day from work/school.

Unpretty Rapstar and SMTM are pretty similar shows, though I always say that I like SMTM better. I actually think that these two seasons of SMTM and Unpretty Rapstar were not bad. SMTM can be pretty entertaining, especially since this season was mainly BewhY vs. CJamm. I also loved that the Illionaire team signed on their team members into their label, Ambition Musik after the show. I thought that the UPR3 was better than the second season since they didn’t add so many members onto the show. The cast members were pretty nice and I think it’s absolutely nice to see them keep in touch even after the show.

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