Year In Review: K-Drama Edition

I’ve been doing many months in review, and I decided that it’d be a good idea to do a year in review to sum it all up. Since I know these reviews are going to be very long, I decided to split them up by drama, variety and song releases. So here’s the first one – K-dramas.
I don’t think I watched as many dramas as I did last year, but I always surprise myself when I try counting everything up. I think I’m choosing really obvious and popular dramas to talk about, but these are the dramas that stood out to me overall. I don’t think 2016 was filled with spectacular dramas since I do prefer 2015’s dramas over 2016’s.

Favorite Dramas: 
If I really had to choose one, I think I would give the grand prize to Signal. I don’t really see any flaws in it. I love how mysterious it is, with two parallel timelines and a walkie talkie that links those two together. I really loved how the story line comes together in the end, and it finishes perfectly. I don’t recall being left in the dark about anything, though I had a lot of questions while I was watching it. Though, I’m quite unsatisfied with the ending because it was so open ended and opened up for a new season. When is this new season coming out? I’m also glad that there isn’t a love line in this drama because it really doesn’t fit with the story. It really just proves that a great drama doesn’t need a love line. I think Signal is one of the most underrated dramas, and I really hope they make a season two.

Reply 1988
This drama might be part of last year, but it ended in 2016 and I never wrote a review for it. Reply 1988 is one of those dramas that really hit me in the heart, but I would never watch again because each episode is just way too long and it actually progresses pretty slowly. I still don’t think it’s as good as Reply 1997, but while 1997 was more of a love story, 1988 was more about family and touches upon other topics that come up in life – goals, dreams, love, struggles of being a middle child. Speaking of love, I’m still a little bitter that Junghwan didn’t get the girl in the end; my heart cries for him because if he had confessed earlier, he would have gotten the girl because Deoksun literally likes anyone who likes her. Besides that, it really hit me in the heart because I somewhat resemble Deoksun, in that we both never know what we want, we don’t have big goals and we don’t really have opinions, especially when it comes to making decisions.

Uncontrollably Fond
I’m sure many people believe that Uncontrollably Fond is the worst drama ever, but I really liked the ending. The beginning and the ending was probably the best part of the drama. Everything in the middle can just be forgotten because it was just filled with frustration and nothing else. I mentioned this in my review for this drama, but I loved the fact that Shin Joon Young was able to make right all the wrongs in his life. I’m glad that he was forgiven for what he had done wrong in the past. I’m glad that he fixed his broken relationships up with everyone. I’m glad that he died in the happiest moment of his life. I’m glad that he lives on in my heart.

Honestly, W and Signal were my main two dramas of the year. I think I was so absorbed into W that I didn’t really question a lot of things that could have been flaws in the drama. It hasn’t even been that long since W came out, but I can’t remember what happened in the end. I just remember W was the scariest drama I’ve watched all year because of the killer/dad. We also had no idea what the ending was going to be because the drama literally had no rules and the impossible was possible. I would totally want to talk about how I thought Kang Chul should have died in the end and the drama should have ended where the manhwa ended, but I think I’m going to be chased down by a no faced killer for that.

Though Goblin isn’t done yet, I love it so much. I absolutely love the characters and the plot line. I do fine that it is a bit slow for my liking, and I just want to skip over some parts that I think is unnecessary. At the same time, there is so much humor that fills up the episode that cancels out that slowness. I really like the relationship between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper since they’re always at each others necks, but miss each other’s companies when the other isn’t around. It’s really cute to see and I think it’s even better than the relationship between Goblin and Eun Tak. I’m nervous for the ending since the whole drama is about Goblin’s dilemma of choosing life or death. I’m almost positive that Goblin would choose death in the end only because I think it’s the right thing to do. I hope I don’t get chased down by a grim reaper for saying that.


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