Entourage Review

In my first impression, it was quite obvious that I didn’t like it, but I thought it was getting better around episode 5 or 6. Sadly, episodes after that, I was starting to get annoyed again. Looking at the drama as a whole, I don’t feel anything special about it – there was no plot and the characters were boring/annoying.

To start off with the characters, I thought most of the characters were really annoying, especially Cha Joon and Turtle. I didn’t really like Cha Joon and Turtle’s characters because I didn’t find their jokes funny and I just didn’t really feel bad for them when they ran into problems. However, I started liking them more when I got annoyed of Young Bin. I really didn’t like how selfish he was, even being an annoyance to his friends. I felt so bad for Eun Gab and Ho Jin who had to deal with him. On one side, I don’t like Eun Gab either because he’s so short tempered and I don’t really like people who get angry easily. I think it was actually quite nice to see Eun Gab change from someone so short-tempered to someone who actually shows how much he cares. I feel bad for him because he just wants the best for Young Bin and Young Bin doesn’t even appreciate his efforts. I like Ho Jin the best out of everyone because he isn’t annoying like everyone else. Ho Jin tries so hard for Young Bin just for Young Bin to take advantage of his friend and manager just because he’s the celebrity.

The plot wasn’t anything special either. I thought it would be more interesting because it was about the entertainment industry and while there were many inside jokes, I feel like more could have happened. The whole drama was just Young Bin trying to get a new movie to work on to no avail. When he got casted, things seemed like it was going to go well, but he turns it down and backs out. I hate when books/movies go back and forth, repeating the same plots over and over. I don’t find it appealing because it’s just repetitive. I’m not sure if they’re following the plot of the actual TV show, but either way, the plot is way too thin for my liking. I get that this drama isn’t following regular k-drama formats, so props for them for trying, but I still think that the plot is a very important part of a drama.

I don’t like to criticize dramas through and through, so I’ll say that I do like how the drama was filmed. The colors were really nice and there was really nice camera work as well. To top it off, the OSTs are also pretty good. By the looks of it, the drama is very appealing, with a very appealing and attractive cast as well. I think it’s a pity that the plot was a flop.

2.5/5 – I wish the plot was more interesting and the characters were more likeable. I do like that the main lesson this drama taught was that it’s okay to fail because everything will turn out fine (if you have supportive friends who’s got your back at every turn).


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