Sister’s Slam Dunk Review

For most of this year, I’ve been keeping up with Sister’s Slam Dunk with Sook, Jessi, Tiffany, Hong Jinkyung, Ra Miran, and Min Hyorin. Although Tiffany left in the middle because of her scandal, I will still talk about her because she is still part of the OT6. I remember being very skeptical when I first started this variety show because I didn’t think it would be entertaining. I didn’t really know the cast besides Jessi and Tiffany and seeing Ra Miran in Reply 1988. I’m glad I stuck with it because it holds a big place in my heart. I laughed, I cried, and it gave me a whole ride of emotions. I really liked how the show took time to focus on each member and I feel like we were able to understand each person as a whole.

Let’s start off with Sook’s dream of being a bus driver. Since it was the first dream, I don’t actually remember a lot of it, but I remember it being quite short. Although I felt like it wasn’t a very long and ambitious dream, I feel like Sook was able to shine throughout the whole show through the other member’s dreams. She’s such a hardworking person and she cares a lot about all the other people as well. I really liked her because as she explained in the end that she didn’t really have a lot of dreams while she grew up and just chased happiness, which is something I think is important, but at the same time, things that give you happiness can also get you nowhere in life. I feel like that’s something I’m doing now, but at the same time, I don’t think dreams just come to you all of the sudden.

Next, we dive into Hyorin’s dream of being in a girl group, which is very ambitious, I must say. To start off, I was so surprised at how much of a talker Hyorin was because just by her looks, she seems to be a quiet person. Don’t judge a book by its cover! The show focused a lot on this dream because it was a very long process. Each member had to learn the song, memorize parts, learn the dance, film the music video, and then debut on Music Bank. I remember having the best laughs in these episodes because Hong Jinkyung’s antics were just hilarious. I might be laughing at how she sings and dances, but I’m sure I can’t do any better. While Hyorin was able to successfully achieve her dream, I think Jinkyung and Miran really shined in these episodes because Jinkyung was really funny and Miran was a very good singer and dancer. We also got to see Tiffany’s workaholic and perfectionist side, even though she wasn’t there for half of the practices. I’m glad they really pulled it together and put on a great debut for us.

Jessi was the next dreamer, who wanted to spend time with her parents since she was away from them for a long time. Though I don’t think this was the dream of her life, it was very sweet and I cried a lot. Every time a celebrity brings their parents onto the show, I always cry (this also happened in Roommate 2 when Jackson’s parents came). We all know Jessi has a very strong image, but she’s actually so sweet. I loved the part when the other 5 girls all dressed up as Jessi for her parents. I thought it was so cute, but also hilarious because they were so on point with the hair, makeup, and clothes. I’m pretty sure I mentioned before that Jessi is my ultimate role model because I really like her confidence and resilience. Even though she faced through so many struggles growing up and trying to get a stand in the entertainment industry, she was able to achieve success.

We get Jinkyung next, who wanted to have a show promoting environmental causes. Though I was skeptical about having a show within a show, I really liked how they tweaked it a bit and made it into a full blown movie where she was the co-director. I’ll be honest, I thought the idea of promoting environmental causes was a bit boring because it’s something that we all are aware of, but continue to ignore. I’m glad that she raised this up as a problem, to let people know that this is something we can’t continue to ignore. The movie that she produced with the director they “hired” turned out to be very appealing. Though Jessi was supposed to shine in Jinkyung’s dream, I don’t think she shined as much as Sook, who happened to be the funniest and best actress ever. As a person, I really love how funny Jinkyung is even when she’s not trying to be. I love her confidence and ability to ignore what everyone else says about her.

And last, we end with Miran’s dream, which is a mix of a lot of dreams, as she is trying to use up all the money that the Sister’s were given. I thought this was very meaningful because as she had explained, when she first came into the industry, she struggled a lot and was living in poverty. For once, she wanted to live like she didn’t care about how much money she was spending. Her idea of releasing a Christmas carol was absolutely hilarious because it goes back to Hyorin’s dream of being in a girl group. I really loved her dream of building a house, which was tweaked into designing a restaurant. I always feel like it’s really fun to design and not necessarily build, but doing the construction and seeing the whole outcome is really cool. I especially loved this dream because her dream also helped other people achieve their dreams as well, which is really sweet.

It’s such a pity that we didn’t get to know what Tiffany’s dream was, but I really liked all the other girls’ dreams because they were very meaningful. While being a celebrity might be their dreams, there are plenty of other dreams that they weren’t able to achieve. I feel like every cast member has gone through so many struggles of finding themselves, being in poverty, struggling to become a celebrity and make money. I’m glad that Sister’s Slam Dunk was able to shed light into these celebrities lives because it’s not all glory and fame as we see on the outside. It’s never too late to realize your dreams and achieve your dreams, as long as you keep dreaming. I’ll miss you all.


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