Goblin First Impressions

I honestly don’t know what dramas are coming out, but my friend had highly recommended this one because Sungjae was in it. Sungjae’s not the main character, but the story line is pretty interesting. What stood out to me the most was the concept of the goblin and how the goblin comes about. I’m pretty sure it was explained in the beginning when I wasn’t paying attention because I was too busy eating. Not to mention, the beginning was a historical time set and it was pretty dark and bloody.

But fast forward to 18 years ago, did the goblin live through all those years? I was confused when the goblin (okay, his name is Kim Shin but I still like to refer to him as goblin) decided to save the woman on the street and her baby. Does that automatically make the baby the goblin’s bride or was it just fate/coincidence? I’m reading that he can finally end his immortal life when the goblin’s bride pulls the sword out of his chest, where he would finally end his immortal life. It sounds so bittersweet, if you have someone who loves you be the reason why you die. But the goblin’s been wanting to die for the past hundred years, it’s basically a punishment for him. I wonder how that would be like to. I love that this drama is actually more humorous than I had expected. It’s absolutely hilarious how the grim reaper started to live with the goblin and their interactions are what makes the episodes entertaining. I’m a little confused though, because I thought the grim reaper is like a ghost and isn’t supposed to be seen by people. And what’s this synopsis saying that the grim reaper having amnesia? It doesn’t seem like it to me at all.

I was surprised the episodes were so long, but I guess that’s okay because the story progresses fairly fast, though I can’t imagine how else the story can progress. But you know what, I’m left longing for more and I wish Friday can come a little faster. Overall, very good first impression, will definitely watch further. And for now, I found my new favorite OST.


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