Unpretty Rapstar 3 Review

The wait is finally over. I know Unpretty Rapstar 3 ended months ago, but I really wanted to wait until I actually watched the whole thing, subbed before I wrote a review. Yes, I did know ahead of time what happened because I love watching spoilers, but everything somehow becomes more appealing when you know what the songs are about and the makings behind the songs. I’ll be honest, I feel like it’s been so long that I completely forgot what has happened.

Overall, I liked the third season more than the second, but nothing can ever beat the first. I like that the first season was a fairly small cast and I felt like in every season, they were casting more and more rappers as a set cast and starting to eliminate people from episode one. I thought the first season was the best mainly because of Jessi, who’s probably the most honest and least stuck up person on the show. I guess anyone can argue that she is stuck up but I see it as confidence, while others are actually stuck up. But it’s the third season we’re watching, not the first.

To start off with the cast members, I actually really liked all of them. I’ve heard of a lot of the rappers before: Giant Pink, Yuk Ji Dam, Euna, Nada, Miryo, Ash B, Ha JuYeon. I really liked Yuk Ji Dam to start with and I knew she would do well this season. She did well in the first season, even though she was so young back then. I know she had a lot of backlash because she was on the show before and she came back snottier than ever. I think that she’s just portrayed that way through evil editing because honestly, every girl who goes on Unpretty Rapstar is really full of themselves, not just Jidam. You have to admit that she’s really talented, and you can’t really argue against that.

I was looking forward to Giant Pink because I did see her in SMTM5, but she was always cut out and was eliminated in the team choosing episode. I was actually pretty disappointed that she always made mistakes and could never take a track (until the end) because she’s a good rapper and I love her voice, but she just came short every time. As I said a few months before, I also really liked Grace, not exactly as a rapper, but she is someone of talent and her voice is just so beautiful. I love how she goes out of the norms and does things that are just so appealing and fresh. I also really liked Jeon So Yeon; she completely surpassed my expectations, being only a trainee. Moving onto Nada, I thought Nada was truly the Yezi of season 3. She broke down the prejudice that others had against her and surpassed everyone’s expectations. I know I mentioned this in another post, but I’m really glad that Unpretty Rapstar gave Nada a chance and really shot her into stardom. I felt bad that she was fairly unknown before and struggled a lot financially because of it.

To be honest, nobody else really stuck out to me this season besides the girls I talked about above. I’m not trying to say that the rest are bad rappers or anything; they just didn’t stand out this season. I obviously would be supportive of all of them because I understand that Unpretty Rapstar is a really intense show and often brings out the worst (or the best) of people. Half a year ago or so, I talked about how I didn’t like Unpretty Rapstar because it was so intense and I didn’t like how it pitted people against each other and forced them to diss each other all the time. I feel like in this show, it’s one of the main points to discourage each other, which is something I definitely hate. Jessi talked about how nobody would apologize to each other after a diss battle and that everyone had a really bad attitude. I’m not an insider, so I obviously wouldn’t know, but it seemed like many of them did become friends in the end, and are supportive of each other, which is always good to see.

Now to the music and the tracks, I actually really liked this season’s. Most of the songs were really good. I do find that the final performances are the most attractive because they often have the deepest meaning to them since it’s a concept that they want to perform and show to the public. I compiled all or most of the songs into the playlist down below.
My favorite songs overall are as follows (though I think I’m being so biased):
1. Nada – Nasty
2. Yuk Ji Dam – Heart
3. Nada x Swings – Nothing
4. Nada x Jeon So Yeon – Scary
5. Yuk Ji Dam x DEAN x Suran – No Thx


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